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Quote1.png Wayne Enterprises, Batman. My technology, my justice. It's what helped build the Magistrate. Which means I know how to break it down. Quote2.png
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Bruce Wayne is a former billionaire and, secretly, the superhero known as the Batman. After the Magistrate was called to Gotham, he was forced to go underground after being hunted by Peacekeeper-01.

Bruce Wayne was the billionaire owner of the family company, the Wayne Enterprises. For many years, he had protected his city, Gotham, as the masked superhero, Batman[1]; at some point in time, he also clashed against the Joker in the Joker War.[2]

As Batman, Bruce was also a member of the Justice League until it disbanded after an incident involving one of its members, who betrayed the others using personal information shared between them. This led to the creation of rules that prevented League members from sharing any personal detail between one another.[3]

In 2025, Gotham City mayor Christopher Nakano decided to free the city from all of its vigilantes so he summoned to Gotham the Magistrate, a mercenary army whose leader was the mysterious Peacekeeper-01.

During this period, Batman also embarked in an investigation to end the commerce of the False Face Serum, a drug that Superman discovered was more dangerous than what people thought. While looking into the matter, Batman discovered that the Serum was part of a more complicated plan by someone who was secretly funding the project, but before he could look further into the matter, Superman disappeared.

He later tried to save Superman, as it was kidnapped and imprisoned in a kryptonite chamber, for the purpose of realizing experiments on him. [4]

The Magistrate somehow knew Batman's secret identity as Bruce Wayne so the latter was stripped of his family fortune and Peacekeeper-01 himself came to hunt him down. The masked mercenary ambushed Bruce in an alley, calling him with his real name and shooting him several times; Bruce, still shocked from what happened, could only escape from him, launching himself in Gotham's bay: as Bruce saw a dead body floating in the water, Peacekeeper-01 continue to shoot him until the Dark Knight detonated the last of his electro-grenades, allowing himself to successfully escape his attempted murder. Later, a wounded Bruce used the last part of his fortune to be sewn up by Gotham's best underground doctor and live in anonymity out of the Magistrate's radar.

Days after that, the news about Batman's death was publicly announced by Peacekeeper-01 and, after a few days, Bruce Wayne also disappeared, quickly spreading the rumor about Bruce eventually suiciding himself for having lost his family's company.

Some times later, as he needed a place to live without having to identify himself, Bruce came to know about a Gotham conspiracy theorist, Noah Riley, so he went to his home, posing as the graphic designer Jeff Marks. The man rented him a place which Bruce used both as home and a lair where he began to plane his revenge against Nakano and the Magistrate; Riley also sold him his bike in exchange for Bruce fixing his TV.[2]

Broken in both body and spirit, in the course of years, Bruce was forced to see his city fall under the Magistrate's dominion. Almost two years after his fall, he saw a man being robbed in an alley, so he saved him, but he had to run because of the Magistrate's sentinels. Wearing an impromptu version of his old outfit, he destroyed the sentinels and vowed to free his city once and for all from the oppression, as the enemy he was fighting against was created with the help of his very own company.[1]

Later, Bruce followed a lead involving the Magistrate's weapons manufacturer, Carl Bennington, the CEO of PLEXITECH. After infiltrating himself into one of Bennington's factories, he was detected by the Magistrate's enforcers who forced him to run away: he discovered that the device which spotted him was a micro-drone developed by Wayne Enterprises. After he returned to his lair, he began to reverse engineer the drone and, as he understood its basic structure, Bruce came to believe that Magistrate's tech was totally monitoring anyone and anything in Gotham.[2]

Long after his death and humanity's extinction, his spirit still remained attached to his Batsuit in the Batcave, showing up when his friend and teammate Wonder Woman came looking for his Utility Belt before she went to stop the the Undoing. He encouraged her to fight on, since there was still good in the world and she was the most caring member in the Justice League.[5]







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