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Quote1 There's nothing wrong with being afraid. Once you realize it's normal, then you can put it in its place. Then, you can act. Fight back. Quote2
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Bruce Wayne is a young billionaire and the owner of Wayne Enterprises. Burdened by seeing his parents die, he started on the path towards becoming the hero and masked vigilante known as Batman.

Born in Gotham City to the wealthy and influential Wayne family, young Bruce's seemingly ideal life was shattered one night. Taking a shortcut through an alley after seeing a movie, Bruce bore witness to a mugger shooting his parents, Martha and Thomas Wayne.[3] The ongoing investigation into their murders lead young Bruce to his friendships with GCPD detective James Gordon and street orphan Selina Kyle, who witnessed the events of the Wayne murder. As he delved deeper into the mystery, Bruce began to uncover a web of corruption inside his own family's company, Wayne Enterprises.

After being suspicious about the illegal activities under Wayne Enterprises, Bruce meets with the company's Board of Directors together with Alfred. He then gets in trouble with a secret society called the Court of Owls, which is revealed to be the ultimate reason behind the Waynes' murder, through Thomas Wayne's former acquaintance Hugo Strange. He is sent by the Court to a mysterious Sensei far from Gotham City, where he was trained to fight with the League of Shadows. Bruce then finds out that a man named Ra's al Ghul, is the one behind the murder of his parents as Ra's believes that Bruce is his heir, and that he will become Gotham's Dark Knight before dying on Bruce's arms.[4]

Bruce becomes a vigilante by hiding his identity and fighting crimes during night, until he takes a self-destructive phase due to his guilt for murdering Ra's al Ghul.[5] He falls into a deep depression, which he tries to surpass by drinking and partying with friends every night, and later firing Alfred. At one time during his dark stages, Bruce meets a now-grown up Ivy Pepper, who tries to kill him with her poison, but is ultimately saved by an anti-dote from Lucius Fox. During his slow death, Bruce dreams of his future, including a caped man with the facade described as a bat. After waking up, he makes Alfred return as his legal guardian, and reconciling with Selina Kyle, who he consistently ignored before.[6]

During Bruce's face-off with the nihilistic anarchist Jerome Valeska, Bruce meets the latter's twin brother Jeremiah Valeska, a sane and intelligent engineer.[7] He becomes good friends with Jeremiah, until it was revealed that the latter was sprayed with Jerome's insanity gas.[8] Jeremiah forms an obsession with turning Bruce into an insane man, the same way Jerome did to him, which ultimately fails. Instead, they become archenemies, with Jeremiah torturing Alfred and shooting Selina to get through Bruce. Jeremiah also destroys Wayne Manor with bombs during the time that he relived the Waynes' murder.

While Gotham's No Man's Land event, Bruce stays in the City despite its dangerous state to protect and fulfill his responsibility, as he blames himself for Gotham's destruction which was caused by Jeremiah and Ra's al Ghul.[9] However, during the course of this timeline, his relationship with Selina continues to improve despite going through ups and downs as usual. Later, he is attacked by Bane and Nyssa al Ghul, Ra's al Ghul's daughter, with the agenda to avenge for his father who was killed by Bruce.[10] In order to delay the attack in Gotham, Bruce sacrifices by blowing up Wayne Tower. After Bruce, Jim Gordon and the citizens of Gotham City win the battle against Bane and Nyssa, Bruce feels guilty and responsible for all the incidents that happened in the city. He concludes to the decision to leave Gotham for good and abandoning Selina.

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Bruce as The Dark Knight

Ten years later, Bruce returns to Gotham City for the opening of the new Wayne Tower. He is now known as a masked vigilante called Batman, as he promises Selina that he will never leave Gotham City again. He then comes to face off a different Jeremiah Valeska, who has completely lost his grip on sanity. As Batman, Bruce meets Jim Gordon, with the latter calling the former "a friend".[11]

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