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Quote1.png Never, father... I promise you... I will never quit this campaign... even if I am forever haunted... and forever hunted... by all the horrors of Hell. Quote2.png
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Batman, Bruce Wayne, is a crusader of the night, fighting against demons and supernatural terrors in Gotham City.

He was born the son of Thomas and Martha Wayne, occult scholars who raised him from an early age into peak condition for battling the monsters they had their entire lives. His father was a member of a secret organization called the Secret Six dedicated to this purpose. One night on the way home from an operating theater where they were viewing a demonstration on the science of corpse reanimation, Bruce's parents were murdered by a werewolf under the orders of their enemy Emil Varner. Bruce is finally ready for the destiny he has been training for, and dons a Bat-costume under instructions left by his father. This signifies the forces of Hell beginning to overrun Gotham, and the last members of the secret order left to fight it are Batman, Alfred Pennyworth and Commissioner Gordon.[1]