Bruce Wayne is Batman, a warrior against a theocratic regime.

Born into a world where Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army established America as a base for a worldwide theocracy, Bruce Wayne saw his parents, the personal physicians to the privy council, get gunned down in what appeared to be a regular street crime. His search for some way of understanding what had happened led him to God, and he devoted his life to the Church.

However, on the eve of his being ordained, he received a visit from Inquisitor Gordon, who showed him a disk that led him to his father's diary. The diary revealed that Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne had been running a secret hospital for those abused by the theocratic government, but due to their position in government, the government had elected to have them killed in a manner resembling a regular street crime, so that the judgment of the privy council would not appear to be fallible.

Wayne tracked down one of the few surviving doctors, a blind old man named Dr. McNider, who told him about the old "Justice Society", an underground group who managed to injure the power of the Church during the Second World War, but said that such rebellion in modern times would be impossible, and encouraged Wayne to simply forget what had happened to his parents.

Days later, in the middle of his ordination, Wayne began to hear the Voice of God in his head, telling him how to achieve peace for himself. Borrowing an old passion-play demon costume of his father's, he broke into the home of one of the surviving magistrates from the year his parents were executed, only to find out that the decision to kill his parents was made by the Star Chamber.

Wayne made his way into the Cathedral where the Star Chamber was housed, only to stumble across the detention center where the state's experiments were held. There, he encountered Barry Allen, a former inquisitor scientist who had developed speed powers after a freak accident. Allen revealed that the prisoners of the Cathedral were all the subjects of experiments by Dr. Erdel. Wayne and Allen attempted to liberate the other subjects, but were thwarted by Zatanna, the Cathedral's pet witch. Though Wayne managed to subdue her, Allen was killed when Dr. Erdel showed up and managed to deactivate the electro-chemical aura that protected him from the effects of his speed powers. Aided by Clayface, Batman was captured and brought to Erdel's lab, where Wayne beheld the Green Man, a superpowered alien whom Erdel kept subdued with a mysterious radioactive isotope (Kryptonite).

Wayne broke free of Clayface, and Erdel attempted to shoot him, but one of the bullets bounced off the Green Man's body and struck Erdel in the chest, killing him. Wayne then made his way into the Star Chamber and encounter a senior magistrate. Deducing Wayne's intentions, the magistrate informed him that he'd never be able to get vengeance for his parents' murder, because vote that condemned them was done by secret ballot.

Wayne walked out of the Cathedral unsatisfied, but vowed to fight against the state until it either killed him or fell.



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