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Quote1.png Ace, your master's a stubborn, stupid old... told himself he let go of the cape, but never really did... because he never knew what he would be without it. Quote2.png
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In a possible future, Bruce Wayne became the mentor of the new Batman, Terry McGinnis.

Future Adventures

Batman became more cold and distant towards his allies after the death of Silver St. Cloud.

When The Joker kidnapped Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce teamed-up with his estranged ex-protege, Nightwing, but because he hadn't worked with a partner in a while, he inadvertently let Nightwing get shot. He prevented Dick from bleeding out, removed his costume, and called emergency services, but even after he rescued Alfred, he never visited Dick in the hospital.[1]

Batman vs Hush

During his final confrontation with Hush, he witnessed Thomas' apparent death, but could never confirm his death as the Gotham City Police Department were closing in on him.[2]

Decades into the future, Bruce took Terry McGinnis as his new protege and mentored him as the new Batman.

Hush Beyond

Feeling threatened that Terry was overshadowing him as Batman, Bruce started criticizing him and created the Bat-Wraiths. When Terry found out, he lashed out and went rogue.[3] Bruce decided to remote a Bat-Wraith to hunt down the new Hush. He was able to rescue his latest latest would-be victim, Catwoman, before the robot malfunctioned. Hush, knowing the secrets of the Batman Family, was able to compromise the Bat-Wraith's weak spots. In response, Bruce blew up the Bat-Wraith in an attempt to prevent Hush from being able to study his tech.[4] Bruce checked back in with Terry only find him on the brink of death. Luckily, Catwoman found him and Bruce talked her into closing his wounds. Terry returned to the Batcave and he and his mentor made up and Bruce continued his medical care. Suddenly, Hush sent them a message to gloat about his plan to destroy Neo-Gotham.[5] Batman teamed-up with Dick Grayson, Hush's genetic template, and Catwoman and the three were able to stop his plans. The clone seemingly died in an explosion, but Terry wasn't convinced he was gone for good. Afterwards, Bruce attempted to mend his relationship with Dick, only for Dick to coldly exit the call.[6]


Other Characteristics

Though the DCAU version of Bruce Wayne was the father of Terry and Matt McGinnis, it is unclear whether that is also the case here.



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