Quote1 There comes a time when the oppressed and desperate must be defended. I have tried my best. I pray whoever else dons this hood will continue that quest. Shun meaningless vengeance, useless violence, and the glamour of your own legend. Fight for what's right. Quote2
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The original Batman is Bruce Wayne, a legendary super-hero who was killed in battle against his enemy the Joker. His legacy inspired his descendants to take up the mantle, although they perverted his power over the masses into tyrannical despotism. In the future, a man known as The Bruce rules Gotham City with an iron fist and organizes annual executions of his greatest enemies in symbolic ritual. Discovering the Batcave by accident, one rebel finds Bruce's last message to humanity on the Batcomputer and is shortly afterward mutilated into becoming the new Joker. This hero fights the Bruce and reclaims Wayne's moral legacy as the new Batman.[1]



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