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Quote1 Batman is an easy target for anger. He can seem cold, uncaring, and always assumes the worst. And he's so stubborn. He doesn't listen. He has a knack for looking into your soul and knowing exactly what you are capable of. And then he exploits it -- all while planning a contingency against it. 'Just in case.' Basically, he's a nightmare. But he's also the guy you want on your side when it all goes sideways. Not just because he has a plan for everything, but because if he's on your side ... then you know you're on the side of right. He's got an unimpeachable moral code that he won't betray. Ever. Batman isn't just the hero Gotham needs ... he's the whole damn world's safety net. Without Batman, we don't stand a chance. Quote2
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Bruce Wayne is Batman, a crime-fighting vigilante in Gotham City and former member of the Justice League before the rise of Superman's evil Regime. Batman would be the Regime's greatest resistance fighter, helping to form the Insurgency.

Early Career

After his parents were murdered by a mugger while he was only nine years old, Bruce Wayne grew up under the care of his butler Alfred Pennyworth. When he became an adult, Bruce travelled the world, training for years, before returning to Gotham and devoting his life to fighting the same kind of scum that took his parents from him. He became the vigilante Batman and operated for years, joining the Justice League and taking on a sidekick, Robin, which was passed between his young wards.

Dick Grayson was his original Robin before the boy graduated to his own mantle as Nightwing. Jason Todd was the second Robin but, at some point, was killed by Batman's archenemy the Joker. Tim Drake became the third Robin before leaving the role to become Red Robin with the Titans.

At some point, without his knowledge, Wayne sired two children with the supervillain Talia al Ghul named Damian and Athanasia. After spending their childhoods training with the League of Assassins, Damian was returned to his father to operate as the fourth Robin while Athanasia remained with her mother and the League.

Batman maintained a romantic relationship with the cat burglar Catwoman. According to her, she had spent several nights in the Batcave with him, subtly stealing from him the whole time. [1]

Year Zero

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One year before the Joker's attack on Metropolis, the Justice League celebrated the heroes that came before them - the Justice Society. At the reunion event on the Justice League Watchtower, Batman and Wildcat sparred, with Wildcat beating Batman in a fight. However, with Batman out of Gotham, the Joker initiated a plan he had concocted that would eliminate the Justice Society all together. [2]

Destruction of Metropolis

One night, while investigating a break-in at S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis, Batman met up with his fellow hero Superman. Batman, being the world's greatest detective, was able to deduce that Superman had recently learned that his wife Lois Lane was pregnant with their first child. Unanticipated by Bruce though, Clark asked him to become the baby's godparent when it was born, which Bruce silently accepted with a smile. [3]

Death of the Joker Injustice 001

Superman kills the Joker in front of Batman

While the two were patrolling together however, Lois was kidnapped by the Joker and Harley Quinn, aware of her importance to the man of steel. When Superman realized she was missing, he rushed to Batman for help, who immediately organized the Justice League to try to find her. [4] By the time the League found the Joker, it was too late, the clown had succeeded in his plot: he tricked Superman into killing his own wife using Scarecrow's Fear Toxin, which then caused the heartbeat monitor implanted inside her to detonate a nuclear warhead in Metropolis, leveling the rest of the city. [5]

Batman took the Joker into custody and interrogated him while the rest of the Justice League dealt with Metropolis and Superman's grief. Though Batman was confidant that Superman would overcome the immense trauma the Joker had put him through, Superman burst into the prison the two were in and murdered the Joker right in front of him. [6]

Year One

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In response to the tragedy he had experienced, Superman began to disarm the world's governments, determined to solve conflict across the world all together. In response, the US Government tried to control the situation by hiring Mirror Master to kidnap the hero's parents for leverage. While Superman and the lead searched for them, Batman went after the President of the United States and interrogated him for going after Superman's parents. Batman assured him that going after the Kents was a mistake because it rallied the rest of the Justice League to join Superman in his totalitarian efforts. [7]

After the Kents were rescued, Superman confronted Batman in the Batcave for not joining in the search efforts. Batman expressed his dissatisfaction with Superman's new fascist goals, but Clark, still suffering from high emotions, ripped Bruce's masks off and accused him of loving the Joker. [8] Batman, so frustrated with Superman's accusations, punched him in the face, but, due to the Kryptonian's invulnerability, only caused Batman to receive a hairline fracture in his hand. Superman invited Batman to join him in stopping a conflict with Atlanteans, but Batman refused, unwilling to allow his morals to bend. [9] Batman protested the action over the communicators but was soon locked out of the channel for no longer aligning with the rest of the League's goals. [10]

Even after being locked out, Batman re-hacked into the Justice League communicators because he himself was the one who designed them. Batman reached out to the Flash, who had just witnessed Superman and Wonder Woman cripple a young freedom fighter named Galaxor, and tried to convince the speedster he was working for the wrong side. Batman's words got to Barry, who realized his guilt from the situation, and instead chose to run away from the feeling instead of confronting it. [11]

Injustice Gods Among Us Vol 1 10 Textless

The line is drawn

When Superman set his sights on ridding Gotham City of the criminals that Batman refused to kill by first stopping Two-Face from hijacking a radio broadcast, Batman and his crime-fighting partner Nightwing sprung into action to protect the defenseless inmates at Arkham Asylum, while Robin instead sided with Superman. [12] The conflict went awry when Harley Quinn, having gained access to the main command terminal, released all the prisoners in order to defend themselves from Superman. [13] In the confusion, with both sides of heroes fending off the criminals, Robin accidentally caused Nightwing to trip and break his neck on a jagged rock. When Batman discovered his death, he screamed in anguish, carrying the man's body out in his arms, and declaring "I'm abandoned again. My son is dead." [14] Later, Catwoman comforted Batman in his grief in the Batcave. [15]

In a partially altered version of these events, during the breakout at Arkham Asylum, Robin declared his allegiance to Superman's cause by murdering the serial killer Victor Zsasz in front of his own father. [16]

A week after the breakout in Arkham, Batman and Catwoman were contacted by the President of the United States. He asked Batman to consider deposing Superman while he continued to institute totalitarian rule over the world; Batman asked that the president become a better leader as well. Boon agreed, and Batman and Catwoman set out to form the Insurgency against Superman, inviting some unaligned heroes to discuss rebellion plans in the Batcave. [17]

A month after the destruction of Metropolis, Batman and the Insurgency kidnapped Hawkgirl and had Martian Manhunter impersonate her to infiltrate the Regime, putting their first plan into action. [18] Batman revealed his secret identity to the Insurgency when Huntress threatened to defect to Superman's side. [19]

A week after that, Robin returned to the Batcave and confronted his father over their disagreeing ideologies. Damian, having just taken Lex Luthor's newly developed super pill, accidentally seriously injured both Batman and Alfred. Though he was regretful, the encounter also caused him to discover that Hawkgirl was actually Batman's mole Martian Manhunter in disguise. Before Bruce could stop his son, he went through the teleporter to report back to the Justice League. [20]

So insulted that Batman would kidnap one of their own and replace them with a spy, the Regime responded by outing Batman's secret identity, announcing to the public that Batman is Bruce Wayne. Batman and Alfred quickly collected their most cherished belongings from Wayne Manor and went into hiding. [21]

Running out of options and having received intel from a defector on Superman's side, Batman and the Insurgency broke into the Fortress of Solitude to steal a collection of super pills for themselves. However, Batman didn't anticipate the Kents to have been living in the Fortress the entire time, causing Superman to lose his temper more than usual at the thought that Batman and his team were targeting them. [22] The mission caused both the deaths of Captain Atom and Green Arrow, but the Insurgency had successfully gotten their hands on a super pill - their chance to fight back. [23]

Quickly, Batman synthesized the formula for the super pills in the Batcave but was confronted by Superman. Tired of the games, Superman grabbed Batman and broke Bruce's back to permanently paralyze him from the waist down. Alfred, taking the first of the super pills, beat Superman with his bare hands before escaping in a teleporter with Bruce. [24] Alfred contacted Zatanna, and Bruce was held in the magical Tower of Fate, outside of space and time, to heal. [25]

Year Two

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Batman remained in the Tower of Fate for nine months, receiving rehabilitation for his broken spine. In the meantime on Earth, Superman furthered his regime, initiating martial law in Gotham, and went to war with the Green Lantern Corps.

After Black Canary had her baby and the Green Lanterns began their climactic push to stop Superman, Dinah visited Bruce in the alternate dimension to inform him of the direness of the situation. Bruce, in his weakened state, sent out a message to the members of the Insurgency, preparing them for the war they were going to find themselves in. Though he promised those closest to him that he would sit the fight out and recover, Batman made a secret deal with Oracle to work with her on Earth anyway, determined to see that Superman was defeated. [26]

After Jim Gordon gave his life to protect the Insurgency from being discovered by Cyborg on the Justice League Watchtower, in addition to the fact that Superman had been bestowed a Yellow Power Ring of his own, Batman ordered a total retreat of Insurgency forces, going back into hiding to fight another day.

Year Three

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At the beginning of the third year of the Regime, after the defeat of the Green Lantern Corps, Batman was contacted by John Constantine, who was assembling magic-users to ally themselves with the Insurgency for revenge against Superman. [27]

Injustice Year Three Vol 1 2 Textless

Batman and the magicians

Batman collaborated with Constantine, Rose Psychic, and Doctor Occult to magically kidnap Raven and keep Wonder Woman in a coma. Though Psychic and Occult perished, their mission was ultimately successful. [28]

Batman and the Insurgency convened at the home of Jason Blood to discuss their new plan against Superman but were attacked by the Spectre.[29] Though Constantine said that Batman was useless against the Spectre, Bruce punched Constantine in the nose and walked outside to talk to the entity - one person of vengeance to another. Batman distracted the Spectre long enough to transport the Insurgency to the Tower of Fate before returning to rescue Bruce from the ghost's clutches. [30]

Batman and Constantine, in an effort to recruit members that could beat the magical forces aiding Superman, visited Madame Xanadu. She was furious that her former lover Jason Blood had been killed due to Constantine's mistakes but, after a few minutes to cool down, used her powers to look into the future for them. [31]

Constantine, without telling Batman, initiated his own plan to try to captured Superman within the Suit of Souls. However, the plan failed, and both Ragman and Deadman were killed. When Constantine was returned to the Tower of Fate, Batman scolded him for going rogue. They then, following Madame Xanadu's prediction together again, went to visit Swamp Thing for his assistance, only to discover that he had already joined the Regime. [32]

Batman and the Insurgency reconvened, discussing their plans and Xanadu's prediction that Wonder Woman would reawaken from her coma. With the Phantom Stranger set to distract the Spectre, Constantine hatched a plan involving Batman to disable Superman: Batman bonded his soul to that of Etrigan the demon and attacked the Hall of Justice, surprising Superman with magical sleeping dust that put him in coma. [33]

Ares awoke Superman using his godly magic, and the Spectre, having found the location of the Tower of Fate, transported the Regime heroes to the location of the Insurgency. As an emergency measure, Constantine summoned the demon Trigon, having told him that Superman kidnapped his daughter and kept her housed within the Tower of Fate. As Trigon distracted the Regime members, Batman and the Insurgency made their escape.

Before leaving though, Batman was greeted by his adopted son Dick Grayson, having been given the role as Deadman after Boston Brand's second death. Dick told Bruce that the Spectre wasn't really Jim Corrigan - in actuality, it was Mister Mxyzptlk in disguise. [34]

Outside the House of Mystery, Batman fought Superman again while Mxyzptlk and Trigon continued to face each other. Eventually, Batman was knocked down when Shazam intervened. [35] Batman was saved by Dick Grayson, who brought Poison Ivy into the fight. [36] The fight was ended when the dimension of Hell began to interfere with the hero's dimension; all the combatants were brought inside either the House of Secrets or the House of Mystery for protection except those that died and Swamp Thing. [37]

Thanks to a collaboration between the Insurgents and the Regime, Shazam and Doctor Fate managed to banish Trigon and Mxyzptlk into the void, saving the day. In the aftermath, Zatanna successfully collected the Insurgents and teleported them to Batman's bunker under the world's largest lead mine in Alaska, making that their new headquarters. [38]

Year Four

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Batman and the Insurgency laid dormant for months, biding their time for their next attack, hidden in their new base under a lead mine in Alaska. Due to Bruce's apparent inaction, some members of the Insurgency left in frustration. After months of planning and a conversation with the Insurgency's mole-on-the-inside Lex Luthor, Bruce accepted an offer to work with the God of War Ares. [39]

Renee Montoya, in an act of grief, overdosed on super pills and challenged Superman to a fight over the death of their friend Huntress. However, Montoya herself died of a heart attack, and Bruce left his spot in hiding to retrieve her. Though Superman had been searching for him for months, Clark let Bruce leave uncaptured because Bruce claimed he was done fighting. However, this was a lie and he returned to the Insurgency with a new purpose. [40]

Later, Batman arrived at the Hall of Justice, having teamed up with the army of Amazons, with a decree from the Gods of Olympus to depose Superman. When Wonder Woman demanded a one-on-one trial by combat, Superman nominated himself as representative of the League, while Batman turned the tables and nominated Wonder Woman herself as representative of the Gods. When this combat failed due to interference from Sinestro, Batman participated in the war alongside the Amazons, but the gods relented, giving Superman 24 hours to regroup. [41]

Injustice Year Four Vol 1 1 Textless

At the mercy of the gods of Olympus

However, the Regime didn't take 24 hours, instead only taking a few minutes before fighting the gods once again, when the gods demanded Wonder Woman join their side. In the rematch, Damian ambushed his father once again, and, between blows, the father and son talked about the death of Dick Grayson. Batman apologized for everything and urged his son to join his side, but Damian resented the invitation, declaring himself no longer Robin. [42] The fighting escalated to the point that Zeus came down from Olympus and threatened to kill Billy Batson if Superman didn't disband his Regime. Superman complied for the sake of Billy's life and told his team members to go back to their original cities until further notice.

Days later, with the Regime seemingly disbanded, Batman attended a tribute dinner on Themyscira until Poseidon, having allied himself with Superman, prepared to drown the city with a tidal wave. [43] Batman called Lex Luthor and learned that Ares had been playing both sides of the conflict and had encouraged the war between the gods. Batman helped stop Themyscira from drowning and received a message from Harley Quinn that she had survived Tartarus and stolen a Mother Box from Ares, redirecting the conflict once again to Apokolips. [44]

While Superman went to Apokolips to fight Darkseid, Harley contacted Batman again to say that she had escaped to the Himalayas using the Mother Box. Batman met her there using the Batwing and took the Mother Box from her to transport himself to New Genesis. There, he talked to their leader Highfather and New Genesis' assistance against the rampage of the Old Gods on Earth. Highfather agreed to Batman's plea, went to Earth, and deescalated the conflict with the old gods peacefully.

Afterwards, Superman contacted Batman and allegedly sought peace between them. He requested they meet face-to-face to sort their differences and, even though Batman set a time and place, he never showed, having known it was a trap all along. In his secret bunker, Batman thought of his next move over telecommunications with Lex Luthor: no more gods, they would need help elsewhere. [45]

Year Five

 Main article: Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Vol 1

In the beginning of the fifth year of the Regime, after Plastic Man had successfully staged a breakout of Superman's massive prison, Batman quickly sought out to recruit some of the criminals in his fight against the Regime, including the Rogues. [46]

Eventually, Superman teamed up with villains as well and hired Bane to track down Batman. In doing so, Bane kidnapped and tortured Catwoman for information. However, when she refused to talk, Bane instead used her as bait - challenging Batman to a fight at Wayne Manor for her life. [47]

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Five Vol 1 5 Textless

Catwoman leaves Batman and the Insurgency

Batman hatched a plan and, while Batgirl went to rescue Catwoman, Bruce teamed up with Batwoman and Harley Quinn to find Bane, Killer Frost, Superman, and Wonder Woman at the designation location. The Insurgents held their own well enough until Mirror Master used his powers to help them escape. After the fact, Catwoman, having been shaken by her torture, asked Batman to give up the Insurgency and run away with her, but he couldn't accept her offer. [48]

Batman organized an attack on multiple Regime outposts with the Rogues, but the plan backfired by the unexpected invasion by Bizarro. Though Mirror Master and Golden Glider escaped from the monster, Heat Wave and Weather Wizard did not. Due to the casualties, Catwoman had enough and left Batman and the Insurgency. [49]

For his birthday, Batman reconnected with Alfred over video chat, with the butler having gone back to Wayne Manor to continue a normal life.

Some time later, Bruce would return the favor, celebrating Alfred's birthday over video chat. Alfred had never told Bruce when his birthday was, so, as a tradition, Bruce would throw him a party on a different day every year. However, on the same day, the serial killer Victor Zsasz, on orders from Superman, broke into the Batcave and murdered Alfred to draw Bruce out of hiding. [50]

When news broke that Alfred had been murdered, Batman went after Zsasz, catching him in Gotham City and demanding to know if Superman ordered him to kill Alfred. Damian arrived and, also grieving, threatened to kill Zsasz if Batman didn't. [51] Superman then arrived and also invited Batman to kill Zsasz. Batman then took a super pill and beat Superman into submission, declaring that he knew that Superman was responsible for Alfred's death. Batman threatened to kill Superman to finally end his Regime but, like always, stopped himself from going too far. Batman was eventually subdued by other members of the Regime until, at the last second, he was rescued by the Flash. Batman told Flash that Superman would never forgive the speedster for betraying him like that, but Barry said it was necessary, because Alfred deserved a proper funeral with Bruce in attendance.

After his rescue, Batman asked the Flash to use the Speed Force to go back in time and stop the Joker's attack on Metropolis from ever happening. The Flash said he would consider it, [52] but, after a crisis of morals in Central City, the speedster decided against it. [53]

Running out of options, Batman sent Hawkman after a Kryptonite ring in Mongul's possession while he himself, Batgirl, and Batwoman broke into the Hall of Justice to abduct Cyborg. Hawkman returned to Earth in time, focusing on his own selfish revenge against Superman, which allowed the Insurgency to escape with their target. [54] 200 feet under the irradiated ruins of Metropolis, the Insurgency successfully hacked Cyborg and tried to broadcast footage of Superman murdering a group of civilians to the entire world, but their broadcast was magically interrupted by Raven.

Having run out of options, Batman went to Lex Luthor about obtaining DNA samples from members of the Regime in order to unlock a Kryptonite super-weapon he kept hidden in the Batcave. Lex, at this point, suggested requesting outside help throughout the multiverse. [55]

Using Speed Force energy secretly siphoned from the Flash and a blueprint for a Mother Box stolen by Deathstroke from S.T.A.R. Labs, Batman and the Insurgency connected to an alternate Earth and prepared to beam them to their world for assistance when their location was compromised by the Regime, having learned of their location from Catwoman in exchange for sparing Bruce's life. Batman distracted Superman long enough for the mission to be a success - the heroes from the alternate world had arrived. [56]

Fall of the Regime

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Roy Harper Cry for Justice
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Possible Post-Regime Epilogue

Injustice Gods Among Us Vol 1 1 Textless
This section of history takes place in a timeline outside that of normal Injustice canon.
Upon beating "Classic" mode in Injustice: Gods Among Us or "Multiverse" mode in Injustice 2 with any playable fighter, the player would receive a possible alternate ending to the game's story featuring their fighter. These alternate histories should not be seen as relevant to future sequels or comic adaptations.
Batman IGAU Epilogue 0001

Following the battle to liberate Earth, Batman learned that Luthor had bequeathed his massive fortune to Bruce Wayne. He now had the means to rebuild Gotham and Metropolis. The city's residents, inspired by their hero's efforts, adopted the slogan, 'We Are Batman'.

They contributed countless hours to the communities' renovation and crime prevention. The Batman of old would have stubbornly assumed these tasks alone; the post One-Earth Batman, having been rewarded for his trust in others, enjoyed his city's renewal and his role as its benefactor.

Before Brainiac

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Not long after the fall of Superman's regime, Batman wasted no time in attempting to reset all the damage to the world Superman had caused and began reaching out to heroes he trusted to help him do so.

However, the downfall of the regime left a power vacuum that the League of Assassins tried to fill, and, under the leadership of Ra's al Ghul, the League made plans for mass genocide for the good of nature. Using the commandeered Suicide Squad, the League interrupted Green Arrow and Black Canary's wedding in order to kidnap a group of children. A squad of heroes, partially lead by Batman, tracked the children to the League's base in the Amazon Rainforest and sought to free them. Though the mission was technically a success, the children were only a diversion from the League's main target - Washington, D.C. - which was flooded and destroyed, along with the US president and president-elect. The League's endangered animal sanctuary was also accidentally burned to the ground by Blue Beetle, one of Batman's recruits, sending Ra's al Ghul into a furious spiral.

Ra's, hastening his plan, ordered the immediate activation of the Amazo android, which targeted and completely destroyed a small town in Arizona.[57]

Brainiac's Invasion

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Possible Post-Brainiac Epilogue

Injustice Gods Among Us Vol 1 1 Textless
This section of history takes place in a timeline outside that of normal Injustice canon.
Upon beating "Classic" mode in Injustice: Gods Among Us or "Multiverse" mode in Injustice 2 with any playable fighter, the player would receive a possible alternate ending to the game's story featuring their fighter. These alternate histories should not be seen as relevant to future sequels or comic adaptations.
Batman Injustice 2 Epilogue

"Brainiac's attack left the world devastated. Thousands dead, many more thousands homeless. When President Kane asked that I head up the emergency response , I couldn't refuse. The job's demands required that I leave the Justice League in Barry's and Hal's hands. Together they're molding the younger heroes into a force for good unlike any Earth has ever seen.

But I'm only semi-retired. Behind the scenes, I've been preparing for Superman's return. Kal swore he'd escape from the Phantom Zone. I'd be foolish not to take him at his word."




  • Batman voted for President Boon. [66]
  • Batman believes that criminals should still fear him, despite his public identity.[58]
  • Despite his identity being public knowledge, most people still refer to him as Batman and barley use any name associated with his true identity. This is shown predominantly in Injustice 2.
  • Bruce was going to be the godfather of Lois and Clark's child prior to Lois' death. [67]
  • Batman is the only character in both Injustice games that can be played in more than one chapter. The first game is between him and his alternate earth counterpart. Earth One Batman in Chapter 1 and briefly in Chapter 11, and Insurgency Batman in Chapter 8. And in Injustice 2, Batman is played in the first chapter and can be played in Chapter 11 should the player choose to. He can also be chosen by the player to be used in the story's ending which is titled "Absolute Justice".



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