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Batman is a founding member of the Justice League, Superman's best friend and Robin and Batgirl's mentor.

He keeps a file on all other members of the League and their villains.

Nygma managed to steal his personal files and hand them over to the Legion of Doom, who used that information to attack all members of the League simultaneously. Batman and Alfred were infected unknowingly with Brainiac's miscroscopic mind-controlling worms, and the League attempted to mind-control him to murder Superman and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman tied him up with his Lasso, which allowed Batman to fight the mind-controlling nanotech off until Green Lantern purged the mindworms from his body.

Wonder Woman flew him to the Fortress of Solitude where they were reunited with the remainder League members. Flash captured Captain Cold and Batman interrogated him to learn the plans of the Legion. Then he came up with a plan to rescue the relatives and friends of the League that had been captured or brainwashed by the Legion.

After the League successfully captured the Legion of Doom's headquarters, Batman coerced Lex Luthor into helping stop all nuclear missiles launched by Brainiac.






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