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Quote1.png I let them in and they broke me. Broke me so bad it took me years to get back on my feet. But I did it. No magic. No pits. Just a vision. A plan to save them. Really save them this time. Quote2.png
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Bruce Wayne, is the antagonist in the post-apocalyptic tale of Batman: Last Knight on Earth. He formerly worked as the vigilante and hero known as "Batman", becoming the tyrannical ruler called "Omega" after the world turned on the superheroes, brutalizing him as well as those close to him.

Bruce Wayne was the son of the billionare Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha. Their murder by Joe Chill deeply affected him, leading him to become the vigilante known as "Batman". He eventually sired a son named Damian while taking many other children under his wing as Robin. Bruce also became a member of the super-hero group called the Justice League. He was highly skilled, once sneaking in and out of Themyscira, home of his future friend and fellow Leaguer Wonder Woman, without the Amazons ever noticing.

After the world started going into chaos with global warming and the exhaustion of energy resources, Lex Luthor challenged Superman to a debate of good versus evil, the stakes being that the loser will be impaled by Kryptonite shards. The Joker however had one final case planned for him. Using Project Cadmus, he created the body of a child whose DNA was based on that of his parents' murderer Joe Chill. He also planted fake records to make it look like all records of the child had been erased by the Wayne Estate as he had died due to a drunk Thomas Wayne operating on him. Joker left the corpse in Crime Alley, so Bruce would recover it and think that Chill had actually killed his parents in revenge and not for Martha's pearls. He intended it as an examination, thinking that he was making his resolve stronger as he could sense a storm that was coming.

Superman lost his debate with Lex Luthor despite an impassioned speech which managed to move Luthor. He was killed by the kryptonite shards as per the agreement. Luthor's speech convinced the people of the world to take everything for themselves and turn on superheroes and supervillains. As the League met at the Hall of Justice to figure out a final option on how to deal with the situation, an angry mob gathered outside the Hall. When the heroes sealed themselves inside, Bruce decided to open the doors and let the people choose for themselves what to do. However, all they did was to tear everything and everyone apart with Damian and many of the heroes being killed. Bruce himself was brutally attacked, being mutilated and set on fire. It took him years to recover and stand on his own.

While he was presumed by nearly everyone to be presumed dead, he had actually survived and had grown hateful of the world after what they did to him, his family and his friends. He then decided to conquer the world and control or kill everyone. Having beheaded Darkseid after a battle, he used his head to emit the Anti-Life Equation as a broadcasting signal to control others. He then proceeded to lay waste to the entire world as "Omega" and anyone who stood before him, conquering the eastern seabord of the United States.

No one knew however who Omega really was except his butler Alfred and possibly his lover Selina Kyle, with many presuming Omega was someone connected to the original Batman as he used Gotham City as his base. Some of those inside the city knew he was using Wayne Enterprises for his war and assumed he might have been a clone. The surviving heroes and villians banded together to fight him but were defeated. Omega also proceeded to invade Themyscira and slaughter the Amazons. He also acquired the Mobius Chair.

Under his rule, Gotham was expanded into a much larger city while he turned most of the population into his minions. Only a few inside Gotham resisted him. He also made Selina work with him against the resistance, though she would eventually grow tired of his constant scheming. Tim Drake went on to free many members of the Batman Family and a 100 more people from his control, using a jammer to block his Anti-Life control signal. Due to Omega's actions, every hero gave up ever donning the symbol of the Bat. Outside Gotham, Diana led the largest band of survivors not under his thrall. He also re-created the Wayne Manor atop the Wayne Tower.

Bruce went on to track down the Martian Manhunter in order to use him as an amplifier for the Anti-Life signal, so he could acquire control of everoyne in the world. He also had Alfred killed after discovering his betrayal in setting his clone, implanted with his memories before his supposed death, free to search for the truth of what had happened to the world. He then sent out Bane and the Scarecrow to the Plains of Solitude in order to kill his clone, who was now the new Batman. By the time he decided to make his move, the clone, along with Diana, had reached Gotham and recruited his former allies, now part of the Court of Owls, to help take him down.

He easily took down the Batman and the bodyless Joker, who used Tim's Robin robot suit that responded to the user's thought, after the two had infilitrated the Wayne Tower. Tying his clone to the Mobius Chair which had been repurposed to make others a slave, Omega revealed his true identity and revealed how he will brainwash him. He beat the Joker to near-death when he attacked him. The clone however freed himself after being inspired by the Joker who stated that he was the true Batman now that the original had turned his back on his ideals.

As he proceeded with using the Martian Manhunter to amplify the Anti-Life signal, he was stopped by Batman who impaled him with the same spike he had hung Darkseid's head upon, thus freeing the world from his grasp.


Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Bruce has become highly violent and jaded with the world ever since they turned on superheroes and brutalized him.




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