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Bruce Wayne is a French Army Captain fighting for Revolutionary France.

Although a patriot, Bruce grew disillusioned over the price France had paid for its revolution. He fought in the War of the First Coalition until he was discharged in 1794.

After returning to Paris, Bruce was appalled by the mob rule of the Committee of Public Safety. To make his life even more difficult, his wife Janifer St. Cyr's parents were being targeted for execution for engaging in anti-revolutionary activities, and his father is a devoted member of the Committee. Bruce decided to follow his father's advice to join the Committee in hope of using his influence to spare his in-laws. However, he was unable to sway the Committee's influential leader Maximilien Robespierre. Instead, Bruce became a vigilante known as the Batman to save the St. Cyr's from the guillotine and spirited them away to England. Thereafter, Bruce saved countless innocents in the Reign of Terror.

Eventually, Bruce was caught in a trap set up by the Committee led by Herve Deinte. His identity discovered, Bruce's wife and mother were then immediately arrested in which his father very reluctantly sided with the Committee. Just as he was being sentenced to the guillotine, Bruce broke free and was then rescued by his sister Rochelle. Bruce then rescue Janifer and his mother while also battling and defeating Herve Deinte. He has his final confrontation with his father, who tried to kill his son but only to kill himself in an airship explosion. Bruce and his family flee from France for their grandfather's estate in England.