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Batman was a vigilante in Gotham City associated with the Watchtower Network.

As a young boy, Bruce Wayne saw his parents gunned down by Joe Chill. This incident changed Bruce's life forever.[1] In 2001, Bruce donned the persona of "Batman", to fight the criminals of Gotham City.[2]

Bruce fought criminals on his own for the better part of the next ten years. However, by 2011, Bruce had begun working with the young Barbara Gordon. This same year, Bruce learned that Joe Chill was in Metropolis and went to confront him. His quest for Chill briefly led to Bruce getting into conflict with Superman. However, the two soon joined forces. When they found Chill, Bruce came close to killing him, but the Prankster and Mister Freeze beat him to it. The Prankster also gunned down Superman with Green Kryptonite bullets. Bruce managed to save his life, after which they apprehended the Prankster and Mister Freeze.[3][4][5][1]

A vision of Batman as a corpse

Bruce was reluctant to join the Watchtower Network but kept finding himself working alongside its agents.[6] Eventually, Bruce gave in and joined, to help them with the Crisis. After the battle against the Monitors, Bruce became a founding member of the Justice League. Furthermore, as Barbara was leaving Earth, Bruce got a new partner in Dick Grayson.[7][8][9][10]


  • Bruce technically only appeared in season 11. However, a vision in "Hourglass" features a brief glimpse of his skeleton in the Batsuit.
  • In "Fortune", Chloe Sullivan mentions that she's met a "A billionaire with high-tech toys". However, as season 11 portrays Chloe as having never encountered Batman before, it can't have been Batman.



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