The Longest Night

Batman was the only Superhero who continued to fight the Malazza-Rem aliens after their invasion of Earth caused humans to turn against the Meta-Humans. He was able to do this by leaving no incriminating evidence or survivors. He was destroying a Malazza-Rem oil plant in Texas when he was approached by Superman and Wonder Woman to join them in a last stand against the aliens. Bruce harshly criticizes them for turning their backs on the planet and refuses, but follows them on their way to Coast City, where they enlist Green Lantern, and chase off an rash young Meta-Human called Superboy. They then travel to Seattle, Washington to gain the help of The Flash, and they head for Metropolis in the Batmobile. In the Rocky Mountains, they find that Superboy has destroyed a Malazza-Rem Stronghold and allowed some to escape. Bruce then insists that he join them so that they can keep an eye on him. In Metropolis they meet the resistance, run by Metallex, with whom they form the Super Seven.

The Longest Night

Lana Lang leads the Super Seven into a trap where a shield is placed around Metropolis. The Super Seven fight the approaching horde, and Wonder Woman dies protecting Jimmy Olsen. They regroup in a bunker, and Bruce takes Superboy aboard the Malazza-Rem ship to take down the shield. They sneak into the main chamber, and Bruce gets overrun by soldiers. He orders Superboy to move on and detonates a bomb in his suit that downs the ship and the shield with it.






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