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Batman is a hero dedicated to fighting crime, taking up the name of Batman to strike fear in the hearts of criminals. At one point, Bruce took in the orphaned Dick Grayson and trained him to be Robin. At one point, Dick left Bruce's shadow and set up operations in Jump City, forming the Teen Titans.

However, Bruce still kept tabs on his former partner. On the anniversary of his parents' death, Bruce traveled to Jump City and found Dick in the company of his teammate and girlfriend Starfire, proud that his former partner was going to be okay.

New Teen Titans Shorts

Batman makes a quick appearance while the Teen Titans are attempting to unmask Red X. Batman is one of the masks that is pulled off of Red X.

Teen Titans Go!

Batman often appears with Commissioner Gordon, usually relaxing around Jump City. Batman was once seen fishing with Gordon on the Batboat.[1] Batman also appeared with Gordon in a squad car while Raven, Starfire, and Jinx ran amuck around the city on a girl's night out. Batman also celebrated Thanksgiving with the Titans.


  • Music: Batman is a skilled guitar player, being able to perform a radical solo in the middle of the street to accompany Robin and Cyborg's song.[2]





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