Quote1 Twenty years I've been planning, studying, training and designing for exactly this moment. Quote2
-- Bruce Wayne src

The son of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce's parents were among a select few who realized the truth of the Planetary organization's activities, withholding vital technologies and killing any in their way. They intended to form a partnership with others of wealth and vision to expose the organization's crimes, but were shot to death in an alley by Elijah Snow himself in front of Bruce's very eyes. Wayne would spend twenty years training, preparing, investigating Planetary's activities and finding others with grievances against the organization such as Clark Kent and Diana Prince. Eventually gathering together as a single group in order to fight back and revealing to each of them the truth of their families' deaths at Planetary's hands, their first step was to view the time-travel technology of Julius Erdel, only to be confronted by Ambrose Chase, taken down by Kent with Wayne's help. Using Chase's teleportation device they arrived on Planetary's lunar base, only for Kent to be quickly killed. Confronting Snow personally, Bruce managed to defeat him, but in spite of the threat the Planetary head represented found himself unable to kill even his parent's murderer; Diana instead finished him off herself.[1]


  • Peak Human Condition: Wayne is physically developed to a point of being able to deflect close-range gunfire with his specially designed weapons.[2]
  • Investigation: Wayne was able to track down evidence of the Planetary's darkest, most heavily concealed deeds, much of it having taken place decades earlier, and was able to hack past the organization's private electronic security.[3]






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