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Quote1.png I know because I watched it happen, I know because I am the son of the man you murdered! I am Bruce Wayne! Quote2.png
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Batman is a superhero with many friends. Whenever he fights a threat too large for him, he calls in help - but also the other way around.

Early Life

Bruce Wayne was the son of wealthy socialites Thomas and Martha Wayne.[2] He grew up in a protected environment, and was a fan of swashbuckler movies and toys. One night close after, Christmas,[3] on their way home from the movies, Joe Chill confronted the family in a dark alley. He killed Thomas and Martha in cold blood, but left Bruce alive. Chill had been acting on the orders of Lew Moxon, because Thomas Wayne had stopped a robbery at a charity gala some time before.[4]


Bruce dedicated the rest of his life to avenging his parents' deaths, hounding criminal scum everywhere.[4] As part of his training, he joined the Wudang Temple, where he trained under Wong Fei. He was not well liked by his other students, Fox, Shark and Vulture, and only got along with Bronze Tiger.[5]

Inspired by heroes before him, he set about protecting Gotham City's dark alleys from hoodlums, thugs and leg-breakers. At first, Gotham's other super-hero, Green Lantern, disagreed with his methods. But after they freed a little girl from kidnappers, Green Lantern came to understand the need of a hero who battled criminals rather than save the world like he had always done. He introduced Batman to the Justice Society, where he would be further trained.[6] With the Society's protege Black Canary, Batman was taught all kinds of fighting styles by warriors like Hawkman and fighters like Wildcat.[7]

Early Career

He originally struck out on his own, but later took in Dick Grayson to become his sidekick, Robin.[8] They joined up with other heroes to form the Justice League. This first incarnation consisted of Aquaman, Black Canary, Fire, Flash (Barry Allen), Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Red Tornado, Superman and Wonder Woman,[9] but it was disbanded under unfortunate circumstances.[10] He became a close friend and ally of Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), and saw him die in a mission to stop his uncle Jarvis.[11] In memory of his friend, Batman would spend more time in training the boy who received the scarab, Jaime Reyes.[12]

Later Career

Batman would continue to team up with other heroes, taking down world threats and megalomaniac criminals rather than the hoodlums he had set out to fight. He reforged the League as the Justice League International, consisting of veterans Aquaman, Fire and Martian Manhunter, as well as seasoned allies (who needed guidance) Guy Gardner and Booster Gold, and the younger heroes Ice and Blue Beetle.[10]

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  • Batsuit: Batman wore a high-tech Batsuit with integrated jet pack, and a breathing apparatus that allowed him to survive in the deep ocean[21] and space.[12]
  • Utility Belt


  • Batmobile: Batman's Batmobile was a two-seater that could transform into a jet, boat, spaceship and mecha.




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