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Quote1.png You're not in it like I am, Barbara. It's still a game for you, it's still a thrill. You haven't been taken to the edge yet. The abyss, the place where you don't care anymore. Where all hope dies. Quote2.png
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Bruce Wayne is the masked superhero known as the Batman.

Some time prior to the present time of the movie, he was pursuing a mobster named Paris Franz, who killed his uncle and took over his organization, and who also had an infatuation with Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. During the case, he had a brief sexual encounter with his partner Barbara, but for the most part tried to keep her off the case to keep her from going into the abyss of not caring anymore. When the case had ended, Barbara informed Bruce that she would no longer be Batgirl due to what she had experienced from dealing with Paris Franz, and thus their partnership had ended.

At the present time of the movie, Batman arrived at Arkham Asylum to have a peaceful chat with the Joker when he realized that the Joker had escaped. He later met with Barbara in the hospital after the Joker had paralyzed her from the waist down with a gunshot to the abdomen and had her father James Gordon kidnapped. While pursuing the criminal underworld for any leads of where the Joker might be, the Gotham City police received a message for Batman that included tickets to attend the Bonus Brothers carnival, a derelict location that the Joker had "purchased" from its previous owner. Upon arriving at the carnival, Batman dealt with the circus freaks the Joker had put into his path to act as interference before he came face to face with the Joker himself and then found James Gordon in a cage, naked and tormented but with his sanity intact. Batman pursued after the Joker in a fun house, where the Joker tried to reason with his adversary about how pointless life actually is from his perspective and why Batman won't give in and realize it for himself. In a recreation of the apartment that the Joker supposedly lived in with his wife in one of his uncertain past memories, the Batman was assaulted by the Joker, but Batman got the upper hand and pushed him through a window, telling the Joker that he failed in trying to get James Gordon to become crazy. When the Joker tried to shoot Batman with a gun but only got the CLICK CLICK CLICK flag gun instead and gave up, Batman tried to offer help to the Joker so that he could be rehabilitated, but the Joker refused, saying that it's far too late for him. Instead, the Joker told Batman a joke which ended up making even the Batman laugh.