Bruce Wayne, better known as Batman, was Gotham City's protector along with his sidekick and later equal Nightwing.

Batman was present at the Battle of Metropolis that practically destroyed the city and caused the deaths of thousands of people. Wayne had considered using an Apokoliptian world-conquering device he had gotten to eradicate 90% of the world's superpowers and, in effect, end the war but was talked out of it by Nightwing. However, Wayne was later killed in the fight when Superman, exposed to Black Kryptonite, was driven insane and murdered him. Batman's death and his indirect causation of it caused Nightwing to react drastically and use the Apokoliptian device himself to end the war.[1]

Life went on after Batman's death, and Nightwing made his secret identity public to lead a military police force in Gotham, living out of Wayne Manor.




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