When Bruce Wayne was taken in by Jonathan Crane, he became the Batman - a ruthless crimefighter who used psychological warfare. He was so effective the people elected him leader but he became a tyrant to the people of Gotham City.

Bruce's parents were killed in front of him while exiting a movie theater, and, claiming Bruce was a witness, the gunman prepared to shoot him. Bruce's life was saved by Jonathan Crane who beat the man with a book on the psychology of fear. After this, the courts granted Crane the custody of the then five-year-old Bruce and Crane began training him to become a crimefighter. On his first night out, he successfully takes down the mutant known as Joker, but is unmasked in the process. The media takes kindly to his "making a difference", and they elect him their leader indefinitely. Fifteen years into his run, Batman begins to chase down the thief Catwoman, who had stolen some documents from WayneMedia. While he defeated and unmasked Catwoman, someone gets away with the briefcase. He sends Catwoman to Dr. Crane, and he learns of Lieutenant James Gordon's part in the files' disappearance. While interrogating Gordon, Batman is called fascist by Gordon and begins to question if in all his trying to do good, he had somehow left the city worse off than when he found it. Dr. Crane then tells Wayne of his desire to put a new toxin into the city's water supply that would kill everyone with criminal tendencies except for the elderly and children. Bruce thinks on this and allows it, but just as they were about to release the new toxin, a group of criminals break through the wall and Crane is killed, only after revealing that he had been keeping Batman under control with a mild mind control drug in his personal water supply. Batman then tells the city about the existing drugs in their water and apologizes. He announces that he will be waiting in his home for their judgement. The people subsequently burn his house down, killing him inside.



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