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Bizarro Two-Face is an alternate version of Bruce Wayne from a pocket dimension who never became Batman. He was transformed into a deranged supervillain by his mother.

When Bruce was a child, he and his parents were mugged and his father was killed. Bruce was traumatised and grew up to become a coward. He tried various jobs in Wayne Enterprises, never lasting more than a few months. Hoping to keep Bruce and the world safe, Martha entered into an agreement with Dr. Atom, an evil mastermind from a destroyed reality. She would provide him with criminals from her world in exchange for advanced technology.[1]

During his mother's latest press conference, they were attacked by The Unknown Wizard and rescued by Superman. In the aftermath, Bruce met and was attracted to Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane, inviting her to dinner at the Manor that evening. Much to his annoyance, Lois brought her colleagues Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen with her, then disappeared.[2]

Later that night, two strange figures appeared in the Manor, coming through the secret entrance to the caverns under the house: a man dressed as a bat and a boy in bright colours. Bruce was terrified and cowered while Martha defended him with a gun and the two strangers fled out the window, into a car carried by Superman. Unbeknowst to either of them, the Batman was an alternate version of Bruce from a parallel reality.

Bruce accompanied Martha to Gotham Cemetery where they handed The Unknown Wizard over to Dr. Atom in exchange for a serum that would make somebody as strong as Superman. Martha injected Bruce with the serum, deciding the best way to protect him was to make him strong enough that nobody could hurt him. Bruce mutated into a powerful Bizarro-like creature, but was defeated by Superman after a short fight. The alternate version of Bruce convinced Martha to surrender to the authorities and mother and son were arrested. Bruce, now partially restored to normal, told Martha (in Bizarro-speak) that he would never forgive her for what she did to him and wanted to kill her.[1]

Now calling himself Bizarro Two-Face, Bruce escaped from prison and kidnapped his mother from the prison yard on Father's Day. He took her to Crime Alley, the site of his father's death, where he planned to create the opposite of that night. However, he could not decide what would be the opposite of his father's death, killing his mother or letting her live. The alternate Bruce offered him a way to decide by flipping a coin, but rigged the toss so he would spare Martha. While Bizarro Two-Face was distracted, Robin dropped down on him from the rooftops and slapped a power suppression collar on him. Bruce was captured and returned to prison.[3]


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