Quote1 You worry about it every night. That you've left each of us more broken than you found us. That your mission was a corrosive poison on every person you've ever touched. And you'll die still afraid. I know, because you told me on your death bed. Quote2
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In a possible future, Batman contracted radiation poisoning while constructing the Brother Eye stalite. The A.I. was deemed too dangerous after an altercation with the Justice League. Despite this, Bruce reactivated the A.I. to delete his files and disable his equipment, believing any trace of Batman would hold back the Batman Family. The President of the United States ordered Batwoman to take him out and after he explained his reasoning, she mercifully killed her cousin. Unfortunately, Brother Eye didn't comply, feeling cheated out of a war against crime. One of his successors, Tim Drake, held a dictatorial control over Gotham City for years until finally deciding to retired, ending Batman's direct legacy.[2]



Illness: Bruce contracted radiation poisoning while constructing Brother Eye.[2]


Bruce Wayne's tombstone read "Beloved husband."[1]



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