After Earth was taken over by a Kryptonian occupation force, who wiped out Human government along with war, crime and poverty, Batman functioned as a freedom fighter, combatting the alien tyranny far into his old age.

Although he was often captured by Team Luthor (led by Lex Luthor) and incarcerated, it was found that no prison could securely hold him.

While the Kryptonians tolerated his actions for a long time, and even repaired and healed him after all of his insurrections, he was eventually deemed to be too dangerous to allow to continue to live, and a death order was put out on him. Lex Luthor was believed to have murdered Batman shortly after Batman inspired the young Kal-El, son of one of the planet's leaders to also take up arms in his fight as Superman.

Although Superman initially planned on following through on Batman's plans to commit global Kryptonian genocide by destroying their one air purification plant (that he alone was immune to), Kal eventually decided that the answer to their problems was to find harmony between Kryptonians and Humans through negotiation. Batman would later appear alive, helping Superman out with his new role as global peacemaker. What Batman's exact role with the Anti-Kryptonian Resistance was unclear.

At the time of his opposition to the Government, Batman was also known to require a third of the global budget just to have Team Luthor keep him in check.


  • Batman's body was actually highly composed of Kryptonian parts and stitching together, as he had broken so many bones. He was known to have to keep himself in a constant meditative state just to keep the pain down.



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