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Bruce Wayne, is the Batman in the post-apocalyptic tale of Batman: Last Knight on Earth. He is a clone of the original Bruce Wayne.

This clone was created from a machine that Bruce Wayne intended for cloning himself, so his war on crime could be waged by another Bruce long after his death. The specific clone however only achieved consciousness after most of the Earth had been laid waste by Omega. Alfred first tried to make him believe that he was just a mental patient in Arkham Asylum. He also tried to claim to him that he was locked there after murdering his parents and was hallucinating his adventures as Batman while casting the asylum staff as his villains. He however retained memories and skills of the original Bruce.[1]

He later visited Bruce again and gave him a "batsuit" made out of padded jacket and leather. Just a few minutes later, Bruce tried to make his escape but was finally cornered by some of the staff. Alfred called them off and finally told him the truth that he was a clone, the world had been destroyed and he wanted to spend time with him now that no war on crime needed to be waged. Bruce realized Alfred was older and using a hologram mask to look younger, making him shed his disguise. He decided to see for himself what had happened and hugged him before venturing out.[1]

Walking through a desert, he barely survived after being buried in sand while sleeping and found the head of the Joker, who could still talk, in a jar. Arriving at Coast City two days later, he saw first-hand the devastation that had been wrought. Joker informed him how Mogo had been leeched to death by Brainiac and people grabbed the Green Lantern Rings that fell to the Earth. He was then attacked by giant babies created by the ring-wearers, who had no will to properly handle it, before being rescued by Vixen and Poison Ivy. When Joker told them that he's Batman, Ivy knocked him out.[1]

When he woke up in Gemworld, he found himself bound and was questioned by the New Amazons about who he really was. They were called off by Diana of Themyscira, the former Wonder Woman. She informed him of how Lex Luthor had convinced the people to turn against the superheroes and take everything for himself. They turned on both the heroes and villains, killing Luthor as well. Meanwhile, a mysterious being named Omega attacked and laid waste to most of the world, having obtained the Anti-Life Equation.[1]

He asked her about Superman, having learnt about rumours of him being still alive in the Plains of Solitude from Alfred, though she stated she saw him die and it was just a fabrication, while Omega himself was believed to be from Gotham City. Having informed him of the plan to take the survivors to the Underworld, she gave him the original Batman's batsuit and asked him to come with them though he tried to convince her to fight back. He later left without informing in order to find out the whole truth.[1]

Whilst travelling, he escaped a Speed Force storm and was torn up about being unable to help the various Flashes trapped inside it. Arriving at Fort Waller, he was witnessed the Animal Men and surviving soldiers fight over power still left in Red Tornado's corpse. Being unable to decide who to help, he had to flee after Swamp Thing started attacking everyone. After arriving at the Plains of Solitude, he was knocked out by Kryptonian Rockets in which Superman had landed on, but was rescued by a bearded Superman clone whom he thought was the real one.[2]

While he chastised the clone for hiding there and not helping the survivors, he took him to a replica of the Kent Farm. There, he met Luthor who was still alive and he revealed the Superman he met was a clone created by the original Superman, as were many of the others he had created himself from organic tissue, though all of them were much weaker. He also stated he had created a wormhole through space-time which would allow him to bring an infant Kal-El to his timeline.[2]

When asked about how the world fell apart, Luthor told him that he had invited Superman to a debate of good versus evil and convince the people, in order to end their rivalry once and for all. The stakes being the loser being impaled by Kryptonian shards emerging from underneath them. Superman won but sacrificed himself to save him, and things quickly fell apart afterwards. They even made a Batman clone to bring the chaos under control but failed. However, Kal-El always died in every Kryptonian rocket he was bringing into his timeline.[2]

The two were however unexpectedly attacked by the Superman clone. Bane and Scarecrow then arrived and told the clone to kill Bruce, but he was rescued by Diana who killed him. Scarecrow then had all the other clones to attack them. Luthor allowed them to escape through a portal while making all of the Superman clones attack him instead as he still shared a connection with them. Diana and Bruce landed on the cloak of Spectre, who fell on Earth in the past after a destructive war between heaven and hell.[2]

The two entered it and travelled through the Limbo, where Bruce used the Lasso of Truth to be able to see and was struck by visions of those whose deaths he felt he was responsible for. After seeing Alfred, he entered an identity crisis and thought of throwing away his penny, but she told him to keep it. Asking her about why she followed him, she stated it was because he had chosen to empower the people earlier.[2]

They first arrived at Metropolis to search the Daily Planet building but had to leave due to parasite dogs. They later aiivaed at the much larger Gotham controlled by Omega. There, they were confronted by the Talons of the Court of Owls, now a resistance group against Omega. However, they realized to their astonishment that their leader was Dick Grayson who was himself shocked to find Bruce there.[2]

The two were then taken to the Batcave where their allies were hiding, staying out of Omega's signal due to the late Tim Drake's blocker. He initially thought that Omega may be another Bruce clone like him as only his DNA could open the Wayne Tower, Omega's base. Learning that Omega planned to make the signal stronger and unblockable using an amplifier on Arkham Island, Bruce convinced them to fight back. They travelled to a black-market warehouse of Selina Kyle who decided to help them, being tired of Omega's constant scheming against others.[3]

Batman went with Joker, who had been placed in a Robin robot suit developed for Tim that responded to the user's thoughts, to Wayne Tower. Diana, Duke Thomas, Dick, Barbara and Bryce Grayson were meanwhile sent to deal with the amplifier at Arkham Island. He fought Omega's security forces and was almost killed, before being rescued by the Joker.[3]

Inside the Wayne tower, he was restrained by Omega and placed on the repurposed Mobius Chair to be brain-washed into becoming his soldier. To his shock, Omega revealed to him that he was the real Bruce Wayne who had turned on the world after barely surviving the mob at the Hall of Justice. He however broke free of his restraints using Alfred's penny, after being inspired by Joker who stated that he was the real Batman now, not the original Bruce who abandoned his ideals.[3]

He clashed with Omega on top of the Wayne Tower and succeeded in impaling him, while also preventing him from using Darkseid's head to gain control of everyone's mind. He then formed a new team of heroes along with the surviving Batman Family, Diana and the New Amazons. Utilizing Luthor's machine, he brought a Kryptonian rocket with baby Kal-El into their world, raising him as his own to be a hero in the future.[3]





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