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Quote1.png A perfect copy of Batman, dead? I can use that. Quote2.png
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Darkseid created a clone of Batman, but it wasn't viable. He used it to fool Earth's heroes into thinking Batman was dead and not adrift in time.

After he sent Batman back in time with his Omega Beams, Darkseid switched the hero's body with this clone, tricking the other heroes of the world into thinking Batman was dead.[1]

The clone was later revived as a Black Lantern and used as an emotional tether in order to attach Black Lantern Rings to some of the heroes who had been resurrected in the past. He was sent back to his sleep after his purpose was done.[2]

After they revived him using the Lazarus Pit, he attacked Dick Grayson, Batwoman, The Knight and The Squire. During the battle, King Coal triggers an explosing in the cave and the clone flees taking advantage.[3]

He reached the Wayne Manor, where he attacked Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce's son Damian Wayne. He was disfigured after he started bleeding and Damian used a high-voltage electricity wire on him, though it had no effect. He threw Damian off the manor's rooftop, but Dick rescued him just in time. Batwoman and Dick battered the clone, resulting in him being burnt out. They decided to hand over the body to the Justice League.[4]





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