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After Damian Wayne rejected him, Failsafe created a teenaged clone of Bruce Wayne to serve as his Robin.

Failsafe intended for the clone to be the first in a long line of expendable Robins. He gave Robin all of the original Bruce's memories but partitioned away any that could cause him to develop a conscience or question Failsafe. Failsafe also deliberately engineered him to rapidly age and have a short lifespan so he would die before he could rebel against his "father".

When Failsafe was defeated by the Batman Family and his robotic body impounded by the Bureau of Sovereignty, the clone managed to get away. Confused and disoriented by his awakening memories, he retreated to Crime Alley and attacked any criminals who entered. Batman tracked him down and convinced him to surrender.

Batman and Mister Terrific worked tirelessly to try and find a way to arrest the clone's rapid aging, but failed. He made peace with his death and, when he reached the same approximate biological age as the original, severed his own right hand to be transplanted onto Bruce. Bruce took the clone, now very elderly, to visit Thomas and Martha Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth's graves and he died peacefully. Bruce buried the clone on the grounds of his new home, Pennyworth Manor.



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