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Quote1 The head of Intergang. Money laundering, illegal weapons, human trafficking. Dude has his hand in pretty much all the wrong pies. Quote2
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Bruno Mannheim is the former leader of Intergang, the husband of the late Peia Mannheim, and the father of Matteo.


Bruno Mannheim grew up in Hob's Bay, a poor area of Metropolis nicknamed "Suicide Slum" as there was a wave of residents taking their own lives out of despair.[1] His neighbourhood was built next to a toxic waste dump and many residents, including his mother, became sick and died.[2]

Joining Intergang

Intergang Arrowverse Superman & Lois 004

The original Intergang at Little Ace's

Like many in Hob's Bay, Mannheim turned to crime to survive and joined Intergang, the criminal syndicate which controlled Hob's Bay. Bruno had known and loved Peia, a high-ranking member of Intergang, since they were kids and tried to pursue a romantic relationship with her. Peia also had feelings for Bruno but tried to keep him at arm's length as she knew that Moxie, the leader of Intergang, would assume they were plotting to overthrow him if they became a couple. However they did eventually begin dating.

A few months later, Lex Luthor began to encroach on Hob's Bay and economically exploit the people living these. Bruno suggested to Moxie that Luthor and Intergang make a deal to split the city between them, leaving Intergang in sole control of Hob's Bay and withdrawing their activities from Metropolis proper. LexCorp withdrawing from Hob's Bay would give Bruno and his supporters, known as the '86ers, a free hand to regenerate the city. Bruno also bought the factory where his mother had worked and converted it into a home.

Moxie decided that Mannheim was acting too independently and planned to kill him, He invited Bruno and the '86ers to a meeting at "Little Ace's", an Italian restaurant in Hob's Bay that he conducted business out of. At Moxie's order, Peia used her metahuman powers over sound to kill the other '86ers. However, she was unable to kill Bruno when he told her that he knew her for who she really was and that they could make a life and rebuild their city together. Peia killed Moxie and embraced Bruno, admitting that she loved him.[3][4]

Bruno and Peia framed Luthor for Moxie's murder, sending him to prison.[5] They got married and Bruno became the head of Intergang within weeks, with Peia as his chief enforcer. Bruno used Intergang's resources to make his vision for Hob's Bay a reality, funnelling vast sums of money into rejuvenating and developing Suicide Slum, and winning the loyalty of the residents.[1] He and Peia also regularly visited Little Ace's. Fifteen years ago, they had a son who they named Matteo.

At some point prior to 2015, he began working with a soldier turned weapons manufacturer and gunrunner named John Henry Irons, who built many powerful and advanced weapons for Intergang. Mannheim respected Irons' intelligence, but his desire to be a hero despite his criminal occupation made him unreliable and Mannheim eventually ordered his death.[6][4]

Five years ago Peia developed cancer, which went into remission after conventional treatments. However, she later relapsed and so Bruno built a secret lab in their home and devoted all of Intergang's resources to finding a cure. Aleister Hook, a doctor working for Mannheim, developed a serum from X-Kryptonite and Superman's blood which slowed the progression of cancer.[7]

Conflict with the Superman Family

Intergang Arrowverse Superman & Lois 003

Bruno with the Intergang

Hook recommended two terminally ill criminals: Henry Miller and James Disetefano; for compassionate release from prison, so they could serve as further test subjects for the serum. Mannehim coerced a judge into releasing them and Intergang's scientists were able to extend both men's lives and give them superpowers with the serum.[8] Miller went rogue and attacked Superman against orders, and so Peia killed him. She brought his body to Mannheim and he was able to restore Miller to life with the serum.[9]

The next day Lois Lane and Clark Kent came to Metropolis to interview the judge who had freed Miller. Mannheim sent henchmen to end the interview and intimidate the judge into silence. Superman followed Mannheim's fixer back to his office and confronted him. Mannheim denied having threatened the judge or being the leader of Intergang. He also claimed he had done more good for the world than Superman, as he had used his wealth to improve his community while Superman had only saved people from jeopardy without trying to solve systemic issues. Superman had to leave when he overheard the judge about to commit suicide, and Mannheim told him not to return.

That night Mannheim put Miller into suspended animation, as he had been in a feral state since being returned to life and showed no signs of regaining his sanity. Peia, who had been sent to Smallville, Kansas to retrieve some incriminating files, reported that she had seen John Henry Irons alive in the town.[1]

Mannheim quickly deduced that the "other" John Henry Irons must be his counterpart from another universe, and also the mysterious man in a steel suit who had recently been seen with Superman. He had John Henry's sister Darlene Irons followed and, when the other John Henry came Metropolis to speak with her, some of Mannheim's men picked him up and took him to his home. Meanwhile, some other henchmen abducted Darlene and took her to a parking garage, where they strapped her to a bomb built by the John Henry Irons of their world. Mannheim met the other John Henry and admitted to killing his counterpart. He showed him a picture of Darlene and the bomb, and told John to stay out of his way or he would kill her. John Henry refused and escaped by leaping out of a window and summoning his armor. Irons was able to save Darlene, but when he came back for Mannheim he revealed that he had men in New Orleans who would would kill the entire Irons family if anything happened to him and John Henry withdrew.[4]

Lois Lane came to Hob's Bay Medical Centre for her first chemotherapy treatment. She was placed in the same room as Peia so she could monitor Lois. That same day Mannheim dispatched Distefano to break into the Department of Defence and steal the locations of all their secret facilities. Lois snuck into Hook's office, looking for evidence, but Mannheim confronted her and showed her the hospital's research lab, claiming that everything he did was to prevent more unnecessary deaths like his mother's. He offered to give Lois all of Hook's research to prove he was on the level, and had hundreds of files delivered to her, hoping to to drown her in paperwork.

Distefano was foiled by Superman, but successfully completed his mission before he was captured and broadcast the location of all the military's secret facilities back to Mannheim. Intergang broke into one of the bases and stole Bizarro's body, hoping to use him to test if the serum could reanimate the dead.[2] A little over a month late Superman brought Distefano, whose cancer had returned without the serum, to Mannheim. Distefano begged Mannheim to save his life but Bruno pretended to not know what he was talking about and told them to leave.

Mannheim sent Peia and a band of mercenaries armed with Kryptonite guns to capture Superman, but they failed due to intervention by a superboy. Peia managed to slip away and returned to Bruno. She told him that her powers were fading and she didn't have much longer to live. He promised her that Hook was close to a cure and swore he would save her.[7]

Lois's husband Clark Kent came to interview him. Kent pointed out that Hob's Bay Medical Center was the only investment that Bruno had ever made which did not turn a profit and asked why. He also suggested that Mannheim was involved in Miller and Distefano's mysterious powers. Mannheim told him that he was trying to save the people of Hob's Bay and asked Clark what lengths he would be willing to go to in order to save Lois, almost seeming to beg for Clark's validation. Clark realised that someone Bruno cared about was sick and Bruno admitted that Peia, who Lois had befriended, was his wife. They returned to the hospital together, where Bruno told Lois that she now knew the truth and could do whatever she wanted with it. Lois and Clark joined them for a celebration of Peia completing her course of chemotherapy on the roof. That night Matteo, who had been visiting his new girlfriend in Smallville, came home and told his parents that he believed she was "the one" and couldn't wait for them to meet her.[3]

A few weeks later, the Mannheim's had lunch at Little Ace's with Matteo's new girlfriend, "Natalie Johnson". They got along well, but during the meal Peia momentarily lost control of her powers. Bruno wanted to end it then but Peia insisted on staying. Later, John Henry Irons burst into the restaurant, and both Matteo and Natalie identified him as Natalie's father. The other patrons, who were all members of Intergang, dragged Natalie and Matteo out, and held John Henry down as Bruno beat him. Just as Mannheim was about to shoot John Henry, his suit flew into the restaurant.

The warsuit tried to attack Bruno, but Peia forced it away with her sonic powers. The suit flew onto John Henry and she blasted him away again. She continued to attack him outside, but Superman flew in and protected him. Peia eventually collapsed, leaving John Henry and Superman injured but alive. Superman x-rayed Peia's body and saw that her cancer had grown and she was close to death. Realising he had no other choice, he let Superman carry her to a hospital. Natalie and Matteo ran to the alley where they had been fighting and, when his son arrived, Mannheim simply told John to leave. Bruno tried to explain himself to Matteo but his son refused to listen, meanwhile Peia was imprisoned by the Department of Defence.[5]

Bruno was able to evade arrest for the attack on John Irons and Superman thanks to his lawyers. Over the next week, Intergang's scientists were able to synethesise a cure for Peia's condition from Bizarro's blood. He petitioned the DoD to visit Peia in prison so he could slip her the cure but John Henry, who was in command of the DoD's operations dealing with Intergang, refused to allow it until he handed over all the items Intergang had stolen, including Bizarro's body. Superman came to Bruno's home and offered to guarantee allowing him to see Peia if he returned the stolen items. Bruno considered it and almost agreed, but before he could a company of soldiers led by Iron raided his house. The soldiers did not find the entrance to the secret lab and left. Bruno reactivated Henry Miller and sent him to kill John Henry, but Irons was able to kill Miller himself.

When Matteo got home that evening he immediately got into an argument with his father, blaming him for Peia having to die alone. Bruno told Matteo that Peia was not going to die and took him to the lab. He showed Matteo Bizarro in the lab and told him that he had used it to find a cure for Peia.[10]

The DoD refused to allow Bruno to visit Peia but did agree to let Matteo see her. Bruno gave Matteo the cure hidden in a cufflink and told him to inject her with it, which would cure her and giver her the strength to escape. Matteo was nervous but Bruno assured his son that he could do it. Matteo successfully administered the cure to Peia and she broke out of the facility where the military were holding her. Peia returned to the lab and reunited with Bruno and Matteo.[11]

Peia's death

The Mannheims hid out in the lab while making preparations to flee the country. Just as they were about to leave, Peia's powers suddenly spiked beyond her ability to control, creating massive sonic waves which destroyed the lab and blacked out power to the city. Bruno gave her another dose of the cure, and for a moment her powers calmed, but they then suddenly spiked again, even worse, accidentally killing Bruno's assistant. Bruno tried to administer more of the cure, but she told him that he couldn't save her and needed to let her go, then fled into nearby subway tunnels.

Matteo ran upstairs to try and call for help, and Natalie Irons flew in. Bruno and armed men went up after Matteo and told her to step away. Natalie said she was there to help, but John Henry Irons flew in, knocked Bruno's men away with a hammer and grabbed him. Bruno goaded John Henry to kill him and show Natalie what kind of man he was. The building was rocked by a shockwave and they ran up to the roof to try and spot Peia. They saw her near the construction site for Bruno's "Mannheim Tower" and Bruno went into shock, as he was helpless to save her. Superman flew Peia up into the sky, where she released her power in a final blast and died. He returned her body to Bruno and Matteo and told them that Peia asked him to tell them that she loved them, forever and always. Bruno cradled Peia's dead body, weeping. He made eye contact with John Henry and they both silently recognised that they carried the same grief.

Bruno and Matteo were both arrested by the DoD. Bruno agreed to confess to everything in exchange for amnesty for Matteo and John Henry's personal guarantee that his son would be taken care of.[12] Mannheim admitted to framing Luthor, and he was released from prison.[13]


Bruno Mannheim Arrowverse Superman & Lois 001

Mannheim's original appearance

  • In his first appearance in Earth-Prime #2, Mannheim was depicted as white like his comics counterpart. In the series proper, he is African-American.
  • Bruno Mannheim was portrayed by Chad L. Coleman, who previously played Tobias Church on Arrow.



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