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Bruno Vanekow was the Batman, a working class hero during the Industrial Revolution. He fought corruption and labor injustice in the industrial boom town Gotham City.

Bruno Vanekow was a lower-class workman whose parents were killed in a large industrial fire due to the negligence of boss Joe Chillingham. He dedicated himself to fighting the kind of corruption and vice that led to the deaths of not only his parents, but many lower-class workers all over the city of Gotham.

Inspired by a discussion with local union organizer Selina Kyle, Vanekow began robbing the rich and decadent to give to the poor and needy. He donned a Bat costume to hide his identity, taken from Chillingham himself during a robbery after a costume party. Vanekow quickly became intensely active in the City's unionizing community. Although his identity was discovered by reporter Barbara Gordon, she would prove a useful ally to him in the press, as well as her father James Gordon in the Police Department.

City officials began blaming him for the work of a serial killer who had been terrorizing the city, and Vanekow was forced to take up residence in a Theater belonging to Alfred Pennyworth, where he met the young Dick Grayson, an acrobat who helped him to reinstill faith in himself after his persecution.

Batman discovered the serial killer to be the foreman working underneath Chillingham during the fire his parents died in, Jack Smart, who had been driven insane by the death he had inadvertently caused, and was posing as a clown at Pennyworth's theater. Saving Chillingham's life from the Clown, Batman convinced him to repay his debt by confessing to the papers and turning himself in to the Police.

After Selina Kyle also exposed the corruption of her father, the Mayor, Batman was able to retire his mantle, confident that he had avenged his parents' death in a meaningful fashion. He submitted himself to the police so that he could face judgment for the crimes he committed in the pursuit of justice.


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