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Brushogun was an artist who could animate his creations. He was forced by Police Commander Daizo to create show villains to boost his profile as a crime fighter.

Born long ago in Japan, a humble artist dreamed of bringing his art to life. After falling in love with a painting he made of a beautiful woman, he attempted to use a forbidden magic ritual to bring her to life, hoping to make her his bride. The spell went horribly wrong and the darkness stained him. His skin became paper. Ink flowed through his veins instead of blood. He became Brushogun, Japan's first supervillain. After terrorizing Japan for countless years, using his new powers to create minions for himself, Brushogun was captured by a corrupt policeman named Daizo who trapped him in a printing press cursed to hold him in. Daizo used Brushogun to create super-criminals he could then capture and look like a hero to the people of Japan. Brushogun was finally able to send one of his creations to America, alerting the superhero team known as the Teen Titans to his existence, hoping they could come to set him free.

During the final battle, Daizo fused himself with Brushogun, becoming a gigantic ink monster. When it was defeated, Brushogun thanked the Titans, then faded away.


  • Decelerated Aging: Though his exact age is unknown, the clothes he wore in his origin suggest he has been alive for centuries.
  • Monster Creation: Brushogun is capable of producing ink from his own body that he can then form into minions to serve him.