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Quote1.png Laughing Man, I shall build for you an altar of pain! I shall gouge your eyes... and rend your limbs! and finally, finally... I'll aim at the pure center of your evil frame. and plunge my fingers, into your beating heart. your bleeding, suffering, palpitating heart! Quote2.png
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Bruss Wayne-son was turned into the Nosferatu and became the guardian of the darkness.

Bruss Wayne-son was a friend of Attorney Dirk Gray-son, whom he and Grayson had a rival interests over Barbara Gord-son. Bruss was drawn to the mystery of Dr. Arkham and his controversial public "psychomantic" seances which were attempted to be banned by Eschevin Gord-son and Gray-son, both of whom were later killed by Arkham's "Laughing Man". Both Bruss and Barbara personally investigated Arkham after being turned down by the police and apparently ignored by the Super-Man and Lois, who the former greater concerns that require his attention.

Wayne-son infiltrated Dr. Arkham's asylum and discovered that Arkham was in league with the new Chancellor, Hender-son, and that the two were manipulating the Metropolis's aristocrats via knowledge of their secrets and the shows in the cabinet. He also hears the two plotting to kill both himself and Barbara with the Laughing Man. But, during an attempted escape by the inmates in the asylum, Bruss was then captured and thrown into a great pit, at the bottom of which lie vast, sentient computers who once built Metropolis and still sustain it and watch over humanity. They turned Wayne-son into the "Nosferatu" and sent him back to the city above.

The Nosferatu saved Barbara and killed the Laughing Man, before attacking Arkham in his asylum. As he fought the orderlies, the inmates hailed him as "the Master." While confronting both Dr. Arkham and Hender-son, the latter armed with a gun scavenged from Lutor's old lair and powered by the green stone taken from Lutor's chest, the Super-Man appears to investigate at Wayne-son's behest and is wounded by the weapon before the Nosferatu hurls Hender-son from the tower to fall to his death. He is then confronted by the Super-Man, who believed there is no place for creatures of shadow in his city of light, while the Nosferatu called him naïve and claimed the inmates as his responsibility. They fought, eventually falling down into the underworld. Their battle was inconclusive, with each mortally wounding the other. However, the ancient machines revealed themselves to the Super-Man and he realizes that there can be no light without shadows. The Nosferatu's duty is to catch these shadows. The machines restored both combatants, and the Super-Man accepts the Nosferatu's control over the dark. Bruss Wayne-son ends up in charge of the asylum where Arkham is now a prisoner.



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