Bryce Kandel was a former football player, turned college professor in computer science.

He became the first test subject for a treatment that made him invulnerable. However, Bryce started to freak out over the fact that he no longer had to eat, drink or sleep and was now immortal.

Wanting it reversed, Bryce agreed to help Dr. Joseph Reichman steal papers from Reichman's former partner. Bryce eventually teamed up with Wonder Woman to stop Reichman and acquire documents that could help them reverse the process. Sadly, the documents were destroyed and Reichman fled.

Diana Prince ultimately helped Bryce vanish and got him a new identity, as IADC computer scientist "Bret Cassiday" (something she kept even from her superiors).



  • Bryce Kandel was portrayed by Bob Seagren.
  • His invulnerability made him immune to Wonder Woman's lasso.



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