Meathead is a career criminal from Bludhaven.

Buckley Mellon's criminal career goes back to his juvenile days in the Willeford Park section of Bludhaven. While on a work release from Lockhaven Prison, Buckley worked for the Tastylinks Sausage Company. It was here that he ingested an experimental "cocktail" of genetic material and hormones intended for meat-producing livestock. This resulted in a horrifying transformation that altered Mellon's form in an amazing (and repulsive) way. His body appears to be composed of meat. An examination by doctors at Drexel Labs confirms that Mellon's entire physiology is made from living tissue that mimics the properties of ground park. He is virtually indestructible, as each part of his body functions independently from the rest. His metabolism allows him to repair any damage done to him without any evident discomfort or incapacitation. Before being incarcerated in the Slab, Mellon was working for "Lunchmeat" Deever, a former mob boss - and famed "removals" expert in the Bludhaven underworld - now under federal protection.




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