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Bud and Lou are Harley Quinn's pet hyenas.

After becoming the costumed criminal Harley Quinn, Harleen came across two hyenas early in her career and trained them, giving them the names Bud and Lou as references to the comedians Abbott and Costello. However, Harley was eventually captured and forced to join the Suicide Squad, thus losing track of her pets.


When Joker returned to Gotham after a year hiatus now wearing his disembodied face skin as a mask, he attempted to get Harley to conform to his new brand of craziness with him by cutting off her face as well. In order to drive her to that point of madness, Joker infected her hyenas with rabies and commanded them to attack her. Unable to fend them off, Harley was forced to break their necks, killing her beloved pets.[2]


Due to mysterious fluctuations of the timeline related to Doctor Manhattan's interference, some historical events were altered.

While Harley was off on her own adventures in Brooklyn, Bud and Lou reappeared, alive and rehabilitated.[3]





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