Buddy Blank was one of the scientists who worked on Brother Eye.

Buddy Blank was a former employee of Wayne Industries, and was involved in the OMAC Project, specifically in the creation of Brother Eye. After the apparent destruction of Brother Eye, Buddy discovered a surviving fragment of Brother Eye and secured it in NORAD's hanger. He and his grandson, Tommy, were met by Val Armorr and Una in helping the former, who was contracted with an unidentified virus, to making contact with Brother Eye who may have the answers to curing Karate Kid's condition. Bringing along with his grandson, Buddy brought Val and Una to Brother Eye, in which it identified Val's condition, whom he is infected with the Morticoccus virus, and directed their answers to the ruins of Blüdhaven.

Buddy traveled with Val and Una to Blüdhaven along with his grandson (Buddy reasoned with Una and Val that it was necessary for his grandson to understand the mistakes that humankind creates). The group were joined by Firestorm, confronted by the Atomic Knights and encountered Desaad. After Brother Eye was freed from NORAD, it assimilated Blüdhaven and brought Una, Val and itself to Apokolips while leaving Buddy and his grandson trapped within a bunker in the city.

Sometime later, Buddy and Tommy were still trapped in the bunker and close to using up their food supplies in a potential likelihood of starvation. However, Brother Eye returned to Earth's orbit and contacted Buddy. The A.I. then rescues the two from their imprisonment by changing Buddy Blank into a modified OMAC with free will, in turn allowing Buddy to breaking through the bunker's fortified door with his new-found power. After escaping the bunker, Buddy then changed back to his normal self and reassured his grandson that he is alright. Buddy replied to Tommy's question as to what he changed into by saying it was only a "miracle". The two then walked out of Blüdhaven as Buddy wondered Brother Eye's intention for him.





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