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Bueno Excellente was a perverted sex offender whose skills earned him a place on the hero team Section Eight. His M.O. was sneaking up behind people to... serve justice.

When Sixpack reformed the old team of miscreants to help Hitman fight The Mawzir, he found Bueno Excellente hanging out in an adult movie theater.[1]

When Lobo found himself on Earth to chase down a bounty, he stopped in at Noonan's Bar and harassed Sixpack. Tommy stood up to the Czarnian thug, even with no chance of beating him. He instead hatched a plan to blackmail Lobo into leaving them alone. With the help of Section Eight, the Main Man was rendered unconscious, which allowed them to stage a wedding where Lobo married Bueno Excellente. Whether the union was legal or not, it was recorded, and in the event of any of their deaths copies would be sent to all interested parties.[2]

Section Eight gathered for one last time to face The Many Angled One, who was inadvertently summoned to The Cauldron thanks once again to the inept staff of Injun Peak. He, along with Sixpack, was the only member of to survive the attack. After the Science Demon's disappearance with Sixpack, Bueno Excellente snuck up on Dr. Jackson in his lab and raped him. Jackson died from the resulting injuries.[3]


  • Intimidation: Bueno Excellente's only real "heroic" ability is to scare people with the threat and act of sexual assault.

  • Bueno Excellente is described as a "pervert," but is more accurately a rapist.
  • He and Sixpack were the only members of Section Eight to survive the battle against The Many Angled Ones.
  • He only ever spoke the words, "Bueno" and, "Excellente."
  • It is implied that Kyle Rayner was once drugged and sexually assaulted by Bueno Excellente.[4]