Bueno Excellente is a member of Section Eight.

All Star Section Eight

Bueno Excellente was invited by Sixpack to rejoin Section Eight. He and the other members tried to recruit an eighth member. At one point he begins to lust after fellow teammate Guts. While spying on her in the restroom, a Tapeworm came out of her and challenged him for the right to sleep with her. Bueno, though initially intimidated, easily defeats him. The two fall in love. Not long after, he marries Guts.

Sixpack and Dogwelder: Hard-Travelin' Heroz

His marriage is on the rocks as Bueno lusts after other women. Guts vents to other female heroes. He and the other members of Section Eight accompany Dogwelder on his journey to discover the origin of his powers. During this time Guts begins to flirt with Constantine, which annoys Bueno. Eventually he catches them having sex and uses his powers to subdue Constantine. Back at Noonan's he and his wife have seemingly reconciled.


  • He only says, "Bueno" or, "Excellente."



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