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 The Bugs are the native inhabitants of New Genesis, living on the planet's surface mostly ignored by the New Gods of Supertown.


The origin of the Bug People dates back to the first outbreak of war between Apokolips and New Genesis. Attempting to retaliate against the giant biological mutants sent by their enemies, New Genesis decided to breed their own strain of mutants, planning to send the mutants to ravage Apokolips's resources. But their plan backfired, and this breed escaped the labs and infested the land New Genesis. The Council of Five decided to hide the truth, saying the bugs were a plague sent by Apokolips. Metron, who initially voted against that course of action, revealed the truth years later.[1]

Living below Supertown, they formed the Bug Empire, ruled by All-Widow and Prime One. However, a group of renegade bugs, lead by Mantis, separated from the Bug Empire, adding their ranks to Darkseid's forces.[2]

The bugs were still considered a plague, an inferior race than the people of New Genesis, an idea that was reinforced by the continuous raids and fights between both races. New Genesis even used the Monitors to exterminate the bugs. During one of the raids, Akarl, a childhood friend of Orion, died at the hands of the Bug People. Since that day, Orion felt great hate toward the insects.[3]

Orion's hate towards the Bug People started to cool down after Forager's sacrifice, a warrior who fought alongside Batman to prevent the Anti-Life Aspect from destroying the Earth.[4] Orion took Forager's corpse to the Bug People and started to learn their history and customs. In turn, Orion helped the Bug People reach a peace treaty with New Genesis.[1]



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