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Bulletproof was a Bang Baby who used his newfound powers to commit robberies.

Like many of Dakota City's supervillains, Bulletproof got his powers of super-strength and near-invulnerability from the event known as the Big Bang. Unlike some of his peers, Bulletproof had no ambitions to create citywide crime syndicates or try to rule the world. He was content with committing robberies, which he felt would result in lots of quick cash with little effort or risk.

Bulletproof's modus operandi was to walk into an establishment (e.g., a bank), announce he planned to rob the place, and promptly shoot himself in the head. Naturally, his robbery victims relented in the face of such superhuman power and possible insanity. In fact, Bulletproof was perfectly sane and knew such an extreme method of robbery would eliminate any potential resistance. To enhance the effect, Bulletproof would then challenge those he robbed to a game of Russian Roulette to win back the money. No one took him up on the offer.

Bulletproof's criminal career came to a rather abrupt end when his robbery of a check cashing place got the attention of the teen superheroine, Rocket. Initially unimpressed, Bulletproof told Rocket (who was secretly pregnant at the time) to back off or get hurt and called her "chunky". Calling a pregnant woman fat is bad. Calling a pregnant superheroine fat is monumentally stupid.

But when Bulletproof shot the near-invulnerable Rocket for trying to arrest him, she had had enough. The infuriated Rocket punched Bulletproof so hard that he went flying for several city blocks. He'd still be airborne if another teen hero, Static, had not caught him. After his first-and last-battle with Rocket, Bulletproof literally begged Static to take him to jail. The two heroes obliged and took Bulletproof into police custody.


  • Superhuman Durability: The Quantum Juice gas used at the Big Bang greatly increased the density of Bulletproof's flesh and bone. His skin can easily resist penetration by all forms of bullets. Bulletproof's dense musculature also grants him superhuman strength, whose exact limits are unknown. However, he has been observed capable of easily lifting and throwing a police cruiser over 50 feet.

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