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Buna was a servant of Darkseid.

During one of Superman's trips to Apokolips, he defeated an entire squad of new trainees of Granny Goodness. As punishment, Darkseid ordered their execution. Buna's father Kalibre was chosen as executioner, but defected to Earth to recruit Superman in a rescue mission. Buna, like all loyal soldiers, was quite ready to die and considered it a high honor.

Superman saved Buna from Kanto's execution squad, and when the assassin pushed her into a firepit in frustration, Superman covertly created a wind that prevented her from falling in. Darkseid knew it was Superman, and the two bartered for her life. Superman had lead a rebellion of the Lowlies in the past and threatened to stay as a symbol of hope. Darkseid spared them but promised that he would extract a payment from Superman to be repaid later. Before Superman could ask what his end of the bargain would be, he was teleported to Earth.

Darkseid kept his word and spared the squad. He told the people he had created the wind in an act of mercy, cementing the loyalty of the squad. Buna, no longer fit to be a soldier, was made into Darkseid's handmaiden instead.[1]



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