Quote1 Expect me to give you 1,000 creds for a nose? You're off your chump, Lobo! Quote2
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Bunsen was the owner and operator of Bunsen's Bounty, an agency for intergalactic bounty hunters, including Lobo for some time.

Bunsen had a reputation for being tight-fisted and greedy. When he refused to pay Lobo for the bounty on Robert De Nitro, th' Main Man didn't take it so well. Bunsen was tired of the Czarnian's attitude and made a bargain with two rival bounty hunters, Quietus and Murder, to send Lobo on the most perilous warrant he could find. If the job didn't kill 'Bo, then Quietus and Murder were to finish the job.[1]

Bunsen eventually pushed Lobo too far when all the deductions he subtracted from his bounty rewards left the Czarnian with hardly anything left. When the insurance company wouldn't even cover Lobo anymore after being charged for it, losing all his pay to collateral damage, Lobo burned his bridge with the agency by punching Bunsen across the room.[2]



  • Bunsen has some sort of bio-implant over his left ear.[1]


  • Bunsen keeps a variety of weapons on his person, concealed under his shirt.[1]



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