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Quote1.png But I know of the crimson creature of anger, Atrocitus! I have faced him! If you seek him out, he will destroy you! Quote2.png
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The Butcher, the Entity of Rage, is the physical embodiment of rage and anger.

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  • Rage Energy Control/Manipulation: The Butcher as the embodiment of Rage, is capable of generating, and manipulating vast amounts of energy. The Butcher is capable of all of the abilities and powers demonstrated by a red lantern power ring. The Butcher is also capable of creating solid energy constructs (When the Butcher possessed a grieving father it created blades and cleavers). His energy projection abilities are colored red.
    • Rage Projection: The Butcher has immense rage inducing powers which can effect people who are feeling rage or instigate feelings of rage through red flames.
    • Mind Manipulation: Unlike Parallax or Ophidian, the Butcher goads his host rather than controls them. He influence his host with mental suggestion like making them hear the voices of the one's they hate or those they have lost.
    • Possession: It can take possession of someone's body when they feel overwhelming rage.
    • Reality Alteration
    • Flight
  • Immortality: As a living entity of an emotional concept, the Butcher is for all purposes, undying.