Buzz Bronski was a mobster in Sal Valestra's organization.

Prior to the arrival of Batman, Buzz worked with Chuckie Sol and Salvatore Valestra. Carl Beaumont owed debt to the mob and promised to give them the money in 24 hours. Beaumont fled to Europe and managed to pay them back. However, they sent a hitman to kill Beaumont.

Years later, he was killed when visiting the grave of Chuckie Sol, who he apparently viewed as "a loser" based on their previous history together. The Phantasm cornered him in a fresh unused grave and toppled a statue onto the gangster, killing him. His two bodyguards, who were waiting by his car at the time, heard his cries for help and came running, only to find him already dead and witnessing a shadowy figure disappearing into the night, believing it to be Batman based on the rumors of Chuckie's death.




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