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Buzzword is a mercenary often partnered with a pyrokinetic named Dolmen.

They were assigned by Ra's al Ghul to retrieve a suitcase of nuclear launch codes that had been intercepted in a financial trade gone awry when a vagrant stole a suitcase carrying a bomb for corrupt government agents and Anarky as the leading hero of Washington D.C. was settled to stealing the suitcase containing nuclear missile codes designated to Ra's al Ghul. In Buzzword and Dolmen's efforts to capture Anarky as a pawn to their employer's schemes to initiate Armageddon, Buzzword used her hypnotic voice to lure Anarky to a building to overtake him on information to the suitcases' whereabouts but the hero escaped as to follow the mercenaries to Ra's al Ghul who had Anarky cornered to battle Buzzword and Dolmen a second time, Anarky had been beaten badly by the assault but did not reveal the location of the suitcase. Buzzword and Dolmen brutalized Anarky to be left for dead in a river, but the hero survived, forwarding his efforts to defeat Ra's al Ghul and his criminal plans while set to battle Buzzword and Dolmen in the process.


enemy of Anarky



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