Byakko was a Japanese vigilante who worked with her husband Gunshin. Their actions brought them into confrontation with the yakuza Sakki.

Sakki attacked a village that was defended by Byakko and Gunshin. The attack also brought the attraction of Superman, who was visiting Japan. Gunshin attacks the villains with intent to kill, and Superman stands against him. Byakko tries to convince Gunshin to stop, and when Superman allows Gunshin to strike at his neck to prove his convinction, Byakko grabs the blade and phases it. Gunshin storms away in anger, however the villain Sakki escapes.

Sakki returns and kills Gunshin, and Byakko, finding her husband, proclaims it shouldn't have ended that way.[1][2]

Byakko travels to Metropolis to exact revenge for Superman's role in Gunshin's death, which she blames on Superman's hubris and how convincing them to spare the lives of their foes broke the fear that kept enemies from striking at them. She mortally wounds Superman, but Natasha Irons, Traci 13, and Cir-El protect him and take him to the medical facilities at the Fortress of Solitude to stabilize him. Byakko pursues and the trio try to talk her out of her attack, Cir-el telling Byakko to stay away from her father Superman. Byakko responds that at least she has a father, Byakko's yet-unborn child will have none. Continuing her pursuit, Natasha lures her into a room full of Superman's momentos, including letters, many thanking Superman... but just as many asking him why he couldn't save someone. Byakko realizes Superman's stance is not one of hubris, and leaves the Man of Steel and his protectors in peace.[3]


  • Phasing: Byakko can 'ghost,' allowing attacks to pass through her, as well as phasing objects that she touches. She can use this in attack, materializing one object partway in another.
  • Flight: Byakko can float on air.



  • Byakko is the Japanese name for the mythological White Tiger, one of the Four Symbols of Chinese astronomy. However, it is not the Japanese word for real white tigers (like Siegfried and Roy have).



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