Byrd Rentals is the elastic Rubberduck, a member of Captain Carrot's Zoo Crew.

While being interviewed by gossip columnist Rova Barkitt as he was lounging in his hot tub, Byrd was struck by a glowing meteor fragment (which was launched toward Earth by the villain Starro the Conqueror); the result gave him the power to stretch his body into any shape. Joining with Rova (who was also transformed by a separate meteor fragment), the two teamed up with other super-powered animals affected by the meteor; together, the group defeated Starro (with the aid of Superman), and decided to form the superhero team called the Zoo Crew.

Byrd, like Rova, tended to reflect the values of his Follywood roots, often making various entertainment industry references while fighting foes or dealing with others. He also took great pleasure in the celebrity his civilian identity afforded him, though he was still friendly towards and respectful of his teammates, allowing them use of his Follywood mansion. He was also far less elitist and snobbish than Rova, preferring "lowbrow" pursuits such as video games and fast automobiles to mixing with Follywood high society.


  • Elasticity: Rubberduck possesses the ability to stretch and contort his body into various shapes.
    • Superhuman Durability: His rubbery body makes him highly resistant to injury, though he can suffer painful damage if his body's elasticity is overtaxed (similar to severe muscle pulls).


  • In Teen Titans (Volume 3) #30 and #31 (December 2005-January 2006), Rubberduck is mentioned in a series of pages purporting to be a Zoo Crew comic published in the mainstream DC Universe, and follows the adventures of the Zoo Crew teammates in a grimmer, darker version of Earth-C, parodying the recent trend toward "grim and gritty" superhero comics. In these pages, Rubberduck is shown working with Pig Iron separate from the rest of the then-disbanded team.
  • Rubberduck's alter-ego's name, "Byrd Rentals," is a play on actor Burt Reynolds; being Burt Reynolds' Earth-C counterpart, Byrd Rentals' career roughly matched that of Burt Reynolds, starring in films such as "The Longest Yarn" (a play on "The Longest Yard") and "Smoke-Eye and the Panda" (a play on "Smokey and the Bandit").



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