Quote1 I understood the influence Joker has. Something that affects people, on an almost subconscious primal level. For most people--regular people--he inspires fear. For the less stable people--he simply inspires. Quote2
-- Merrymaker src

Dr. Byron Merideth was a crazed doctor at Arkham Asylum who used his own methods, including torture, to rehabilitate his patients. During his time working at Arkham, Merideth began to study the Joker more and more. He was one of the few doctors that could tolerate the criminal. Eventually getting fired, Merideth went into solo-practice. He based his therapy on Joker-obsessed cases. In Gotham, there was no shortage of crazies who loved the Joker. There were four people, however, who caught his attention: Philip, Annie, David, and Rodney. These four, he noted, desperately needed leadership and guidance.

Creating the costume for the Merrymaker, Merideth created the role so he could lead the four into criminal activity. Merideth's plan was to create this uncanny society so that the four would do his bidding. While the Joker-themed criminals attacked civilians, Merideth would sneak into a nearby building where one of his enemies (either his ex-wife, her lawyer, etc.) would be stationed. This way, he could perform an easy kill, while the members of the League of Smiles would attract Batman and the GCPD's attention.


  • Psychology
  • Leadership: Merideth created the "League of Smiles", organizing his Joker-obsessed patients to systematically perform crimes.
  • Deception: Merideth successfully faked his own death and began to develop his Merrymaker identity. Even his former patients didn't realize that they were being lead by their therapist.
  • Medical Science
  • Medicine



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