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Byron Moore was a Smallville teenager who became super strong after a behavioral experiment.

Byron Moore was born 1986. The exact details are unknown, but young Byron is claimed to have displayed behavior that were labeled as "anti-social". In 1994, to make him normal, Byron's parents' signed him up for a medical trial. The drug Byron was given altered his biology. He could no longer be in sunlight, or he'd gain superhuman strength and become violent. His parents locked him in the basement of their house and faked his death.[1]

However, in 2002, Byron managed to break out of the basement. The details are unknown, but Byron somehow became familiar with Smallville local, Lana Lang, and left her a poem on her parents' grave. The next night, Lana was waiting for him. But, the sudden appearance of Clark Kent prompted Byron to fall over and injure himself. The two took Byron home, where the behavior of his father prompted them to call the police and report suspected abuse. However, Byron's father managed to lure them away, by convincing the police that Byron was dead.[1]

The same day, Clark broke into the house, looking for Byron and found him chained up in the basement. Clark broke Byron free and dragged him out of the house, where Byron transformed and took out both Clark and Pete Ross, before running away. Byron was later found by Lana, who revealed to him that Lionel Luthor had financed the medical trial, that had been done on Byron. Byron violently confronted Lionel but was stopped by Clark. The two fought, until they fell into an old well. No longer in the sun, Byron reverted to his old self. Afterwards, Byron was taken to a hospital, with hopes of eventually being cured.[1]



  • Power Limitation: Byron isn't able to store solar energy. When he's not in direct sunlight, he instantly loses his powers.[1]
  • Multiple Personalities: While in his powered state, Byron manifests a different personality, that is highly aggressive. After he reverts back to normal, he looses all memories of the events that have transpired.[1]

  • While with Lana and Clark at the Talon, Byron recites Sonnet 17 by William Shakespeare.[1] Sonnet 17 is about the beauty of a young man, implying that Byron is, at least, bisexual.



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