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Byron Wyatt is a director and actor living in Hollywood, who produced and starred in a number of film serials about the fictional character Batman in the late forties.

As a child he was born into wealth, but always sought a life of meaning, and found escapism in Batman comics. Growing into adulthood, he entered the film industry and bought the cinematic rights to the character from Bob Kane working through National Comics. When rival mogul Jack Napier took an interest in the property because of ticket sales, he committed himself to taking the rights using whatever means necessary and using his ties to organized crime. Wyatt refused to negotiate even after several attempts were made on his life, and as a result the hitman Mr. Winter and his mob slaughtered his entire crew on set in the middle of the desert. Byron barely survived, but he received severe head trauma, and awoke inside the costume with amnesia believing himself to actually be Batman.[1]