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Bzzd is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.


An insectile Green Lantern no bigger than a common Earth housefly, Bzzd is nonetheless one of the most-respected members of the Corps because of his tremendous willpower. Fast and instinctive, Bzzd is a master improvisational tactician, and useful for missions that require stealth. Bzzd enjoys being underestimated, relishing the chance to disprove those who believe that size matters. For situations where his ring cannot solve the problem, Bzzd can fall back on his natural stinger, which releases venom powerful enough to incapacitate creatures many times Bzzd's size.

Green Lantern Corps

After dealing with a group of space pirates in Sector 2261, Bzzd was assigned to work with Isamot Kol and Vath Sarn in bringing in the renegade Guy Gardner. Gardner was falsely accused of killing a fellow Green Lantern named Quond, and fled to the planet Mogo. Bzzd knew Mogo well and proved integral to bringing Gardner to justice. Along with Kol and Sarn, Bzzd discovered that Mogo had been infected by a yellow spore with ties to the Sinestro Corps. Once infected, the spores caused a Green Lantern to act irrationally, and experience fear. Another Green Lantern infected by the spore was Kilowog. Bzzd injected Kilowog with venom from his stinger, forcing the Green Lantern to violently purge the spore from his system.

Bzzd BL

Bzzd as a Black Lantern.

Fight against the Sinestro Corps

During the "RingQuest" affair, Bzzd and the other members of the Corps fought up against Mongul on the Black Mercy Planet in Sector 2261. Mongul maintained a strong advantage over the Corps as he was in possession of six Qwardian power rings. Bzzd flew inside of Mongul's mouth and attacked him from the inside. Releasing a series of powerful bursts of green energy, he distracted Mongul long enough for the rest of the Corps to defeat him. The task proved too much for Bzzd's physical body however and he died a hero only moments later. Upon his death, his ring sought out Matris Ater Clementia who promptly took his place in the GLC.[1]

Blackest Night

Bzzd was one of the many deceased Green Lanterns who's body was reanimated and sent out as an agent for the Black Lantern Corps.


  • Apiatonian Physiology
    • Toxic Sting: Bzzd'z stinger carries a very potent venom, which (in his own words) is strong enough to "stop a Thungorornian Ironbeast".
    • Flight: Bzzd is capable of winged flight.
    • Enhanced Vision: Near-omnidirectional vision.
    • Superhuman Speed: Although not very fast in human terms, Bzzd can travel at speeds that are fast for a fly. This is sometimes called "Super-Normal Speed".[2]




Quote1 In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light! Quote2

  • Though tiny, the constructs he builds with his ring are frequently enormous in size.


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