C.C. Beck (b. June 8, 1910 – d.November 22, 1989) was a writer.

Professional History

Charles Clarence Beck (June 8th 1910 - November 22nd 1989) was an artist and inker for Fawcett Publications. He is commonly recognized as the co-creator of several heroic characters, all of whom would later become the property of DC Comics including, Shazam, Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr and many more. Writer/artist Jerry Ordway honored Beck's memory in the The Power of Shazam! series, by naming Billy Batson's father after him (C.C. Batson). C.C. Beck was posthumously inducted into the Eisner Hall of Fame in 1993. The following bibliography pertains to C.C.'s body of work as it relates to the DC Comics family of titles only.

Work History


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