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The Cabal was a criminal organization formed by Helspont to be the vehicle for carrying out his ultimate goals of world conquest and Daemonite reunification.


Its member include Daemonites - most of whom must possess humans to survive in Earth's atmosphere - as well as ambitious humans, willing to sell out their own kind for a stake in the Daemonite Earth.

The Cabal is a ruthless organization, willing to use any means to further its goals. They usually operate undercover as they're still a minority, and knowing that if their existence were publicly known, the human race would certainly unite to exterminate them. Throughout history, they have planned various operations, terrorism, assassinations, mass murder, war, government infiltration. Their unique ability to possess human hosts gave them sufficient leverage to manipulate superpower nations from behind the scene. Be it Rome during the Antiquity or the United States in the Modern Ages. Overall there has been Daemonite influence behind many human conflicts.

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