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Caden Zapote was Ray Terril's childhood best friend.

Cade was Ray's only friend, a boy his mother kept hidden indoors to protect him from every source of light, natural or artificial, claiming he had a deadly allergy to light. The last time they were together as children, Ray had an alleged allergic reaction and ended up accidentally blinding one of his friend's eyes.

Barred by his mother from seeing his friend, Ray grew even more reclusive and with a growing inner revolt, until one night he risked leaving the house against his mother's wishes and he ended up having another reaction, causing him now to become invisible, a condition in which he remained for a few years until he met Caden again now in Vanity, Oregon, where he moved as a teenager and, now an adult, was campaigning as a candidate for mayor of the city.

As a partially blind, biracial, gay, out-of-town man, Caden's campaign proposals aimed to make Vanity, the most depressing city in America, a more inclusive and brighter place. This displeased the extremist group Sons of Liberty, which had a member present in Caden's speech who tried to assassinate him, but was stopped by Ray, who, intending to save Caden, managed to break out of the invisibility state and become known in Vanity as its new superhero The Ray.[1]

Caden won the election and became Vanity's new mayor.[2]


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